#97 — July 20, 2018

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How Skillshare Ditched Redux for MobX — Skillshare’s ‘emotional journey’ to adopting React led them to run into the low level nature of Redux and then turn to MobX. If you’re struggling with Redux, the examples here may be of use to you.

Luis Aguilar

▶  React Round Up: A Weekly React Discussion Podcast — Now a few months old, there’s a good archive of shows to enjoy where a small panel of developers discuss React-related topics from patterns and hot reloading to Prisma and webpack.


Track Once, Send Anywhere — Add Segment to your app and send event data to any tool without having to learn, test, or implement a new API every time.

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How to Use React's Lifecycle Methods — Just updated to also cover the new lifecycle methods introduced in React 16.3.

Andreas Reiterer

Dockerizing React Apps for Continuous Integration — Learn how to use Docker and containerization for your React apps and understand the benefits though this straightforward example.

Taylor Jones

An Extensive, Curated Set of React/Redux Tutorial Links — A golden oldie that continues to get frequent additions and updates.

Mark Erikson

A Roadmap to Becoming a Better React Native Developer — Just getting started with React Native and confused at how to get started with learning everything? This guide points toward some useful resources.

Rakshit Soral

💻 React Jobs

Adobe Sr. JavaScript Developer — Adobe is seeking a passionate Senior JavaScript Developer to create engaging collaborative experiences for creative people.


Find A React Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create your profile to get started.


📘 Tutorials

The Best Way to Architect Your Redux App — Of course, if you haven’t decided to skip Redux for MobX just yet, this guide on ‘how to think in Redux’ from the perspective of your app may help.

Lusan Das

Build a Netflix Style Video Delivery Platform — View videos at the same quality & speed as Netflix & YouTube. API clients for all major languages.

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How to Fetch Data in React — A walkthrough on fetching data in plain React with no external state management.

Robin Wieruch

Implementing Infinite Scroll into a React Component — Using nothing but component state and an onscroll event handler.

Josh Sherman

A Guide to React onClick Event Handlers — When it comes to event handling, binding is a very important topic and there are several ways to do it.

Yomi Eluwande

▶  A 2018 React Crash Course for Beginners — A 2 hour tutorial on YouTube that’s packed with straightforward examples.

Programming with Mosh

Building an Autocomplete Input with React and reenhance-components

Youichi Fujimoto

Choosing the Best Approach for React Event Handlers

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🔧 Code

react-flame-graph: React Component for Visualizing Profiling Data — Define the data in a tree of objects and this will render a flame graph. GitHub repo.

Brian Vaughn

DevBlog: A Customizable Personal Blog Template built with GatsbyJS and React

Ryan Fitzgerald

Speedux: Create Actions and Reducers for Redux, Automatically — Reduces the amount of boilerplate that needs to be written in a Redux app.

Mostafa Fouad

reactjs-popup: A Simple React Popup Component

Youssouf El Azizi