#98 — July 27, 2018

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react status

Redux vs. the React Context API

Redux vs. the React Context API — A look at how the new context API in React 16.3 works, how it compares to Redux, and when you’d want to consider using one versus the other.

Dave Ceddia

Why Discord is Sticking with React Native — A look back at how chat platform Discord has used React Native over the past three years, reaping “the benefits of quickly leveraging reusable code across platforms”. After a few “we’re moving away from React Native” stories recently, it’s nice to see this one.

Fanghao (Robin) Chen

Webpack 4 Fundamentals 🛠️ by Webpack Core Maintainer, Sean Larkin — Webpack 4 is the most popular and flexible build tool – Vue CLI, create-react-app and the Angular CLI all use Webpack under the hood – as soon as you need something custom, you'll need to know Webpack.

Frontend Masters sponsor

React-Select v2 Released — React Select is a flexible and attractive ‘select’-style input control with multiselect, autocomplete and ajax support. V2 makes things simpler and easier to extend and introduces a CSS-in-JS styling API.

Jed Watson

Hunting JS Memory Leaks in React Native Apps — A roundup of some approaches to debug and solve memory problems in a React Native app.

Krzysztof Magiera

Why Kent C. Dodds Never Uses Shallow Rendering“Tests should help me be confident that my application is working and there are better ways to do that than shallow rendering.”

Kent C. Dodds

Why Apollo: Advantages, Disadvantages and Alternatives — If you’re using GraphQL in your apps, this run through of the pros and cons of using Apollo, plus links to some alternatives, may be worth a look.

Robin Wieruch

💻 React Jobs

Fullstack Software Engineer - Uber (NYC) — Come and join our mission of collapsing the time and distance between everyone and everything.

Uber Technologies

Find A React Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Tutorials

Using Immutable.JS with React and Redux — A guide on when to use Immutable.js and how to use it with Redux.

Travis Crumley

Create a Draggable Opacity Changing Circle with Reanimated in React Native

Code Daily

▶  Five Things About React Components — A brief, 4 minute video where Brandy Morgan and John Papa share five facts about React components. Ideal for beginners.

Channel 9

Whitepaper: How to Plan a React App? — Learn strategies for tooling, frontend, UX, testing and performance to boost your productivity. Get your copy.

Progress Kendo UI sponsor

End-to-End Testing React Apps with Puppeteer and Jest

Yomi Eluwande

🔧 Code and Tools

React-Flippy: A 'Flipping' Card Component — You get a front side, a back side, and the ability to flip horizontally or vertically.

Berkay Aydın

react-nipple: A React Component for an On-Screen Joystick — Quit your giggling, it’s a wrapper for nippleJS, a virtual joystick for touch capable devices.


Build Better Apps, Faster with MongoDB Stitch Services

MONGODB sponsor

ML Classifier UI: A React Front-End for Tensorflow.js-Flavored Machine Learning

Kevin Scott

react-pdf: Create PDF Files using React

Diego Muracciole

Redux Without Redux: Sharing State and One Way Data Flow using Standard React — An example in a gist.

Frank Stokes