#95 — July 6, 2018

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react status

React From Zero: A Simple Code Driven React 'Tutorial' — An interesting approach that orients around simple, commented examples, rather than prose. It’s nice to see React’s features demonstrated so cleanly. Also available in Chinese and Portuguese.

Kay Plößer

React Native 0.56 Released“You might consider 0.56.0 as a fundamental building block towards a more stable framework”. React Native moves up to Babel v7, Node 8, drops iOS 8 support, and improves Android support.

Lorenzo Sciandra

How to Add (Secure) User Registration to a React App — Registration and user management may be a pain to build, but they're necessary for personalized user experiences. Learn how to implement them securely and quickly using React and a Node API.

okta sponsor

Rogue: Quick, Zero Config Server Side Rendering for React“wrap your app in layouts/transitions/providers, etc. the same way you would in a regular React Application, and staying true to React’s values, you can organize your code however you like.” Uses React Router 4.

Alid Castano

Building a Screenshot Capture Tool with Electron, React and Node — This basic tutorial threads together a few technologies in an interesting way.

Waleed Ahmad

React Native: A Retrospective From Udacity's Engineering Team — It seems to be the season for sharing stories about how people are using React Native (or not using it) and here Udacity’s mobile engineering team explain their shift away.

Nate Ebel

💻 React Jobs

Family-Friendly Team Seeks Full-Stack Developer — Join our remote team and achieve great things while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Working with JavaScript, React and NodeJS.


React/Full-Stack Engineer (Remote) — Join our small, distributed team as we build the world’s largest open library of freely usable visuals. Open to all, regardless of experience and background.


Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery matches top tech talent with fast-growing companies. Create your profile to get started.


📘 Tutorials

Upgrade Your React UI with State Machines — An introduction to React Machinery, a component-based approach to state machines in React apps.

Francis Stokes

Whitepaper: How to Plan a React Application? — Learn strategies for tooling, frontend, UX, testing and performance to boost productivity. Get your free copy.

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5 Quick Examples of Taking Your ES6 in React to the Next Level

Jakob Lind

Performance Profiling a Redux App

Carl Vitullo

💬 Opinion

Why GraphQL: Advantages, Disadvantages and Alternatives

Robin Wieruch

Would Airbnb Have Fared Better With NativeScript Instead of React Native? — TJ VanToll walks through Airbnb’s complaints with React Native, and offers thoughts on how some of those same problems could’ve been handled in NativeScript.


Ask HN: What Popular Apps Were Made Exclusively with React Native or Flutter?

Hacker News

🔧 Code and Tools

RIFM - React Input Format and Mask: Transform Any Input Component Into Formatted or Masked Input — A tiny (≈650b) component to transform any input component into formatted or masked input.

Ivan Starkov

react-beautiful-dnd: Accessible Drag and Drop for ListsVersion 8 is just out and it’s faster and smaller than ever.


Real-Time Error Monitoring, Alerting, and Analytics for React 🚀

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react-digraph: A Library for Creating Directed Graph Editors — Create a directed graph editor without implementing SVG drawing or event handling logic.

Uber Open Source

react-flip-toolkit: A React FLIP Animation Helper Library — Designed for creating advanced, configurable ‘FLIP-style’ transitions.

Alex Holachek