#94 — June 29, 2018

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Should We Use React Native? — Thoughts from Expo following Airbnb’s sunsetting of React Native. Curiously, some people interpreted Airbnb’s news as “React Native is dying” but it isn’t and remains a fantastic choice.

Charlie Cheever

Building Browser Extensions with ReactRubberduck adds IDE-like features to GitHub via a browser extension which was built using React. Here’s how they made it work.


🤖 New Course: Testing React Applications (with Jest & Cypress) — Fix errors before your React Application reaches the end user by learning to write maintainable unit and integration tests. We'll test React applications using react-testing-library, Jest and Cypress.

Frontend Masters sponsor

React Native at Airbnb: The Technology — The second post in a series where Airbnb details their experiences with React Native and discusses what’s next for them in mobile. This digs into the tech side of why it didn’t pan out for them.

Gabriel Peal

5 Common Practices You Can Stop Doing in React — Some patterns help you improve your overall workflow whereas a few others have significant side effects..

Manjunath M

A Fullstack Tutorial for GraphQL — A comprehensive video tutorial series taking you “from zero to production” with React examples based around Apollo and Relay.

Johannes Schickling

The Best React Inline Style Libraries: Comparing Radium, Aphrodite, and Emotion — A review of libraries that can help in use inline styles in React apps.

Esteban Herrera

The Case Against React Snapshot Testing — Our takeaways from experimenting with React snapshot testing at ezCater.

Ben Jackson

💻 React Jobs

React Frontend Positions in Beautiful Norway — Want to build blazing fast and awesome frontends using React and GraphQL? We have positions open.

Snowball Digital

Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery matches top tech talent with fast-growing companies. Take a few minutes to join our platform.


📘 Tutorials

Building a React Native Game with RxJS 5

Daniel Schmidt

Styling in React with styled-components — styled-components is one of the most commonly used CSS-in-JS libraries for React.

Soumyajit Pathak

The Newest Way to Easily Build Data-Driven Apps, MongoDB Stitch

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Create a Form Wizard with Data Loss Prevention using Formik and React Router

Code Daily

Rendering Large Lists with React Virtualized — How to use ‘react-virtualized’ to display a large amount of data efficiently.

Esteban Herrera

🔧 Code and Tools

React-Gio.js: 3D Globe-based Data Visualizations

Numerous Contributors

react-scroll-shadow: Pure CSS Shadow to Indicate More Content in Scrollable Area

Hector Zarco

$20 Free On A New Linode Account — Linux cloud hosting starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo. Get $20 credit on a new account.

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react-day-picker: A Flexible Date Picker for React — No external dependencies. Fully customizable, with ARIA support.

Giampaolo Bellavite

React Content Loader: An SVG-Powered 'Content Loading' Placeholder Component

Danilo Woznica