#76 — February 23, 2018

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react status

Developers seem to be getting increasingly interested in podcasts recently, and the folks behind React Training have just launched a new show, The React Podcast with two episodes ready to enjoy.

We've also heard that DevChat.tv, the folks behind JavaScript Jabber, are working on a new panel-based React show called React Round Up and we'll link to that too when it launches :-)

— Peter Cooper, editor

Bringing Together React, D3, and Their EcosystemD3.js is a de facto standard for building complex data visualizations on the Web and while bringing it together with React can be challenging, there are many ways to do it successfully.

Marcos Iglesias

The Future of State in React — Juwan Wheatley demonstrates how React’s Context API will be the “go-to solution for sharing state simply” while creating a theme-switching component.

Juwan Wheatley

Improve Your Engineering Team’s Velocity With These 3 Metrics — If your business depends on software (it does) you're probably spending a lot of time thinking about DevOps.

CircleCI sponsor

React Native Being Relicensed Under MIT License — This change will bring React Native into line with regular React. Facebook’s Fresco image library for Android, Yoga layout engine, and Metro bundler will also be included.

React on Twitter

A React + Apollo + GraphQL GitHub Client to Learn From — An app that provides an opportunity to learn about bringing together multiple technologies in a single codebase.

Robin Wieruch

Protected Routes and Authentication with React and Node — Discover how to add a basic authentication flow to a Create React App app.

Cyril Lopez

How Algolia Built Their Frontend Search Widgets with React — ..by following Redux principles.

Robert Pankowecki

Building a Simple To Do Web App with Stitch, React, and MongoDB

mongodb sponsor

🎬 Videos, Screencasts and Talks

Testing React with Enzyme and Jest: A Video Series — First five episodes are free.

Jack Franklin

Adding the Storybook Style Guide to a Create React App

Elijah Manor

React Jobs

Want to Work with Engineers Who Read React Status? — We're hiring our 5th engineer in Chicago to help build our platform of automation based sales tools. We use React, Redux & Rails.


Product Engineer — We're looking for a front-end-focused engineer who cares about product design, UX and collaboration to join an exceptional team.


📱 React Native

How to Apply UI Test Automation in React Native Apps


Building a Location Sharing App with React Native and Pusher

Wern Ancheta

React Native Paper: Material Design for React Native


🔧 Code and Tools

React App SDK: Create-React-App with Server-Side Code Support — An extension for Create React App that makes it easier to build REST or GraphQL APIs, do server-side rendering, etc.


Real-Time Error Monitoring, Alerting, and Analytics for React 🚀

ROLLBAR sponsor

React Hot Loader 4.0-rc0: Tweak React Components in Real Time

Dan Abramov

react-lazyload-fadein: A Component to Lazy-Load Children with a Fade-In Effect

Swizec Teller

Undux: Very Simple State Management for React

Boris Cherny