#75 — February 15, 2018

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react status

React's New Context API — React 16 introduced a new API and Kent C. Dodds explains why it’s useful. (We linked a version of this last week but it has been improved.)

Kent C. Dodds

Unstated: The setState of React State Management — Nader thinks Unstated is a compelling alternative to Redux and explains why.

Nader Dabit

New Course: 🔗 TypeScript Fundamentals — Adding strong typing to large JavaScript apps with TypeScript helps reduce bugs, and keep you on a performant and maintainable code path. Plus, learn how it fits nicely with modern frameworks like Angular, Vue and React.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Proton Native: React Native Syntax, But For Desktop Apps — A work in progress, but it’s cross platform, works with existing React libraries (such as Redux), and uses the same syntax as React Native.

Gustav Hansen

Redux Rest Easy: A Library to Generate Redux Code — A library for React and React Native to perform network requests without the boilerplate. Includes a before and after example.

Adrien Harnay


How and Why to Bind a Callback Function in React Components — Why do we need to bind this and what’s the best way to bind a callback function in React components?

Andreas Reiterer

Infinite Scroll Techniques In React — Two methods of implementing infinite scroll in React, one from the ground up, another via the use of an existing library.

Ogundipe Samuel

Developing with the Modern App Stack: MEAN and MERN (with Angular2 and ReactJS)

MONGODB sponsor

Developing Apps With Styled-Components (and Why)

Juliano Rafael

TypeScript 2.6's JSX Fragment Support — TypeScript 2.6 added support for JSX fragments within .tsx files.

Marius Schulz

Planning a React Application: Whitepaper

Progress sponsor

React Jobs

Product Engineer — We're looking for a front-end-focused engineer who cares about product design, UX and collaboration to join an exceptional team.


Front End Developer (React) — Join us, work remotely from North America, and help build software that matters. Our team is hiring.


📱 React Native

The Status Bar Manager in React Native — Managing the status bar height in your React Native apps.

Evan Bacon

What I Learned While Making a Game with React Native

Nathan Broadbent

Implementing Twitter’s App Loading Animation in React Native

Eli White (Facebook)

🔧 Code and Tools

VS Code Syntax Highlighting and IntelliSense for styled-components

Visual Studio Marketplace

react-show-more: A Component to Handle Showing More Results

TED Development

react-show-more in action

RMWC: React Material Web Components — A React wrapper for Google’s official Material Components for the Web.

James Friedman

Redux REST Resource: Seamless REST Interaction for Redux

Olivier Louvignes