#74 — February 9, 2018

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react status

Rekit Studio: An IDE for React and Redux Development — The stable release of Rekit Studio, a complete IDE for React, Redux and React Router development, is now available.

Nate Wang

Developing Games with React, Redux, and SVG — A meaty first step in a series on creating a game built around the mechanic of React and Redux controlling SVG elements.

Bruno Krebs

What’s New in React 16.3 Alpha — A reasonably extensive look at the new context API, new lifecycle methods, static getDerivedStateFromProps, Strict Mode, and more.

Bartosz Szczeciński

There’s a Bug in Your React Code. Fix it — Sentry provides open-source error tracking so you can stop relying on users to report bugs. See all the details you need, unminified, to respond to production issues in real time, including stack traces, user context, release data, and preceding events. Sign up for free.

Sentry sponsor

How to Model the Behavior of Redux Apps with Statecharts“describing states & the events that transition from one state into another is a well studied concept” and statecharts provide a way to visually represent this.

Luca Matteis

Next.js 5: Universal Webpack, CSS Imports, Plugins and Zones — Next.js is a toolkit for universal, server-rendered or pre-rendered React apps.


Formik 0.11.0: Better Forms in React 'Without Tears' — An increasingly popular library for easily building forms with nested state and arrays in React.

Jared Palmer

▶  Using React and D3, Together — Including guidelines on when React or D3 should respectively have ownership of the DOM.

Shirley Xueyang Wu

React's New Context API: Why and How to Use It?

Kent C Dodds

📖  Tutorials, Guides and Courses

How to Pass Props to a Component Rendered by React Router

Tyler McGinnis

Building A Slidedown Menu in React

Julia Jacobs

An Introduction to 'redux-offline-queue' — A simple open-source library (repo) to queue app actions/requests when no internet connection is found, and fire them when connectivity is back.


Learn to Build JavaScript Apps with MongoDB in M101JS, MongoDB for Node Developers

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Introducing React Easy State — A React state management library which aims to be as close to vanilla JS as possible.

Bertalan Miklos

💻  React Jobs

Rails & React Engineer — Use the software you build. Change how people innovate. Join Aha!


Part-time Front-end Engineer for Industrial ML Platform (Remote) — Build data- and visualization-heavy React components for cutting edge machine learning. Work with a team of PhDs and ex-Googlers.


📱  React Native

React Native Authentication in Depth — A guide to implementing production-tested multi-factor authentication in a React Native app. There are some videos too.

Nader Dabit

Getting Started with React Native and Expo — Expo is a set of tools that provide an abstraction layer over common mobile development tasks (e.g. push notifications, camera, location services) when working with React Native.

Mateusz Sojda

🔧  Code and Tools

React Perftool: A Chrome Extension to Inspect Component Perf


reactjs-popup: Modals, Tooltips and Menus in One Library

Youssouf El Azizi

react-worker-image in action

react-worker-image: A Component to Fetch Images via Web Workers — A way to not block the main thread and hopefully speed up page load time.

Nitish Phanse

Create Your React Apps with a Single Component Library - Try ExtReact

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Formstate: Type-Safe Forms for React with TypeScript

Basarat Ali Syed