#73 — February 2, 2018

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Hi! It's the same weekly React newsletter you're used to, except we've had a few licks of paint and will be getting a bit more creative with the format as the year goes on.. but for now, baby steps :-)

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy today's issue. Any submissions or feedback, just hit reply as usual - we're reading.
— Peter Cooper, editor

React Scope: Visualize Your React Components Live — A Chrome extension for visualizing components, state and props.

Tiffany Lin

styled-components 3.1.0: Big Performance Boost and Streaming SSR — We only mentioned 3.0’s release last week, but 3.1 already offers a new CSS injection mechanism for faster client-side rendering, plus streaming server-side rendering support..

Evan Scott

🎥 Release Code w/ Confidence and Less Anxiety“It would be a challenge to release code as often as we do if we didn't have the right tooling in place. Sure, I could push code without monitoring production errors, but it would be a lot more stressful.”

ROLLBAR sponsor

Introducing URQL: A Universal React Query Libraryurql is a GraphQL client created with the aim of simplifying the use of GraphQL in React.

Ken Wheeler

How I Cut My React Bundle Size In Half With 3 Lines of Code — Basically you create an app with create-react-app but then switch in the more-compact Preact for React..

Mario Hoyos

Bringing Virtual Reality to the Browser with ReactVR — Getting started with ReactVR, a combination of the React framework and WebVR API.

Mirosław Ciastek

Building a Simple To Do Web App with Stitch, React, and MongoDB

mongodb sponsor

Nested Routes with React Router v4

Tyler McGinnis

Stress Testing React Easy State

Bertalan Miklos

🎬 Videos, Screencasts and Talks

Five Things About React with Dan Abramov — A brief, 6 minute chat between Burke Holland and Dan Abramov.

Microsoft Channel 9

Getting Started with Create React App — A rapid introduction to the create-react-app tool for building React apps quickly.

Elijah Manor

Building a Chat App with React, Redux, Redux-Saga, and WebSockets

Beau Carnes

Infinitely Better UIs with Finite Automata

David Khourshid

👩‍💻 React Jobs

Frontend Web Engineer at Citymapper - Junior and Senior — We're looking for more incredible frontend web engineers to help with our React powered consumer websites and complex map based tools.


React Native & Rails Engineer — Work from anywhere + build software that matters. Our team is hiring.


📱 React Native

React Native Limitations Every App Developer Should Know About

Purvak Pathak opinion

Ionic vs React Native: What's the Difference? — A broad comparison of strengths and weaknesses of each framework.


React Native Pros and Cons — This article takes a look at the advantages of React Native, why it’s so popular, and some potential drawbacks you might want to consider.

Jim Karg

Mobile Application Architecture: React Native with Redux — A white paper on architecting mobile apps with React Native and Redux, including a look at Redux’s high-level components and key goals.

Ajit Singh Bhurgy

🔧 Code and Tools

Reas: A Customizable Component System Using styled-components

Deigo Haz

react-contextual: A Tiny Helper Around React 16's New Context API

Paul Henschel

Formik: Working with Forms in React Made Easier — Handles validation, errors, submission, and getting values in and out.

Jared Palmer

Linux Cloud Hosting Starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo

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React Graceful Image: Image Component with Graceful Error Handling — plus lazy loading, placeholders, and more.

react-retro-hit-counter: A 90s-Style Hit Counter Component — The demo site is a true work of 90s Web design beauty.

Joshua Comeau

React Scope in action

React Scope: Visualize Your React Components Live — A Chrome extension for visualizing components, state and props. In case you missed it at the top of the issue ;-)

Tiffany Lin