#77 — March 2, 2018

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Dan Abramov presenting on the future of React beyond version 16

▶  A Sneak Peek at What's Beyond React 16 — At this week’s JSConf Iceland, Redux creator Dan Abramov shared the React team’s latest vision for what the future of React might look like, along with some never-before-seen prototypes.

Sophie Alpert

Pagedraw: Easily Turn Sketch Mockups into React Apps — Pete Hunt said this is “perhaps the most ambitious WYSIWYG editor for React apps.” It’s basically a UI builder that turns mockups into React code.


Be a Full Stack Expert. Learn MongoDB Free in M001, MongoDB Basics — MongoDB University courses are free and give you everything you need to know about MongoDB.

MONGODB sponsor

React Hot Loader 4.0: Tweak React Components in Real Time — 4.0 brings ES8, TypeScript, React 16, Webpack, and Parcel support, plus zero config.

Abramov, Bergé, et al.

Redesigning Redux (with Rematch) — An attempt to explain why and where Redux is needed and how it can be made better to work with, resulting in a wrapper called Rematch.

Shawn McKay

▶  Smells in React Apps — A 30 minute talk from JSConf.Asia 2018 looking at code and design smells you can come across in React apps.

Thai Pangsakulyanont

Bitmasks and the new React Context API — A look at the key parts of the new Context API and how bitmasks are used to optimize performance.

Haukur Hallvarðsson

Building a Component Library from Scratch — Using React and CSS modules to build a flexible component library.

Iain Nash

8 Conditional Rendering Methods — A look over some of the ways to use conditional expressions in React (such as with if/else, ternary operators, and subcomponents.)

Esteban Herrera

Linux Cloud Hosting Starting at 1GB of RAM for $5/mo

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🎬  Videos and Screencasts

Understanding setState in componentDidMount to Measure Elements Without Transient UI State

Code Daily

Debugging a Create React App with VS Code

Elijah Manor

💻  React Jobs

Product Engineer — We're looking for a front-end-focused engineer who cares about product design, UX and collaboration to join an exceptional team.


Mobile Engineer (m/f) at LOVOO GmbH, Dresden — Fluent in Kotlin or Swift and can understand people talking in React Native? Let us hear from you. Apply as Mobile Engineer at LOVOO.


🔧  Code and Tools

Redux Box: A Less Complicated, Modular Redux Abstraction

Anish Kumar

Real-time Error Monitoring, Alerting, and Analytics for React

ROLLBAR sponsor

React Morph: Morphing UI Transitions Made Simple

Bruno Lourenço

📱 React Native

Easier React Native Development With Expo — Expo is a collection of tools that make it easier to code React Native apps.

Wernher-Bel Ancheta

Building An Ecommerce Search App with React Native

Deepak Grover

A Bezier line chart created with React Native Chart Kit

React Native Chart Kit: Line, Bezier, Progress Ring, Bar Charts, etc.

Oleg Berman