#​369 — January 10, 2024

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The Two Reacts — Last month, Dan pondered abstractions, naming, and code transformations. In this followup, he makes the argument (and counterargument) for components to be rendered client side (or not). The goal is to get you thinking about the often overlapping roles of servers and clients, and he pulls this off, admirably, without mentioning RSCs at all.. yet ;-)

Dan Abramov

[Workshop] Debugging Your Next.js App with Sentry — Join us live on January 17 to see how to instrument your Next.js app with Sentry, how to identify a few Next.js specific issues, and follow errors from the client to the server. RSVP here.

Sentry sponsor

▶  React Server Components From Scratch“Alright, let’s build React Server Components totally from scratch.” Right from nothing, through building a simple Node-based server and working out from there. Ben is very engaging and does a great job of explaining things.

Ben Holmes

💡 Josh W Comeau's Making Sense of React Server Components remains fantastic if you prefer something written.

☕️  Bundling React with Spring Boot — If you work (or need to work) in the Java / JVM world, this walks through an entire process of turning a Spring and React based app into a single JAR file.

Jessy Musoko


▶  HTMX for React Developers in 10 Minutes — For small projects or one-off prototypes, HTMX can actually be a better fit than React. Here’s a short tutorial to help you validate this assertion.

Jack Herrington

How Lee Robinson Created His Guestbook (And You Can Do It Too) — A walkthrough of building a basic Web guestbook using Next.js.

Giridhar Talla

▶  React Server Components: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly? — The VP of Product at Vercel analyzes the eponymously named article we featured last week.

Lee Robinson

Jotai: Build Your State with Atom Precision
Kristina Skåtun

🛠  Code, Tools & Libraries

TWC: A Way to Create Reusable Tailwind CSS + React Components — If you have components specifically for using Tailwind CSS styles, this provides a short hand approach that both looks better in your editor and that makes for better autocompletion and reuse too.

Greg Bergé

Schedule-X: A Material Design Calendar and Date Picker — Available in the form of React, Vue or plain JS components. GitHub repo.

Tom Österlund

Superglue: A Way to Integrate React in Ruby on Rails Apps — A new framework that brings together Rails, React and Redux in a way that makes them as smooth and productive to use as Hotwire, Turbo and Stimulus.