#​370 — January 17, 2024

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Glide Data Grid 6.0: A Canvas-Based Data Grid for Huge Datasets — A “no compromises” data grid component that promises “outrageous performance.” The homepage features a great demo, and it’s MIT licensed. Version 6.0 adds 'kinetic super scroll' for a smoother experience on iOS, includes performance improvements when making large updates, and more. (It's so fast, it can even render DOOM in real time.)


React Libraries for 2024A few issues ago, we were hoping that Robin would soon do a 2024 update of his opinionated annual guide to which libraries to consider for different tasks – and he has! 🎉

Robin Wieruch

Product for Engineers: A Newsletter Helping Flex Your Product Muscle — Product for Engineers is PostHog’s newsletter helping engineers improve their product skills. Subscribe for free to get curated advice on building great products, lessons (and mistakes) from building PostHog, and deep dives on top startups.

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▶  Ten Common Mistakes with the Next.js App Router — A twenty-minute presentation informed by discussions with “hundreds of developers and looking at thousands of Next.js repositories.”

Lee Robinson

Using React with templ and Go — A tutorial on how to incorporate React’s rich ecosystem of components as 'islands of interactivity' within the server-side rendering capabilities of Go(lang)’s templ templating approach.

Adrian Hesketh

💡 If you're into the Go language, we have a Go newsletter too!

▶  What is Remix Exactly? — As in Remix, the full-stack web framework. There's also much 🐦 more Remix goodness here.

Alem Tuzlak

Running a React App within an Android App
Alexander and Chatelain (Ditto)

How to 'Copy to Clipboard' in a React App
Colby Fayock

📰 Classifieds

Userfront streamlines authentication & access control so engineers can focus on building apps instead of signup forms. Read the docs now.

🛠  Code, Tools & Libraries

React Image Crop: A Responsive Image Cropping Control — Responsive, touch enabled, keyboard accessible, and with no dependencies to boot. There’s a CodeSandbox demo if you want to try it out.


react-resize-detector: Event-Based, Element Resize Detection — Modern browsers have native support for detecting element size changes by way of ResizeObserver. This library makes them even easier to use from React apps. Live demo.

Denis Rul

react-medium-image-zoom: Medium․com-Inspired Image Zooming — If you like the zoom-in effect that Medium has for images, this is for you. Examples. (Hopefully we never ever see a component to implement Medium’s annoying login wall..) 😏

Robert Pearce

Create Rust App: A Rust + React App in One Command — If you’re all aboard the Rust train, this may be for you.

Haris Khan