#​365 — December 6, 2023

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Together with  Bosch
React Status

Redux Toolkit 2.0, Redux 5.0, and React-Redux 9.0 — Mark collectively unveils the latest major releases of Redux, React-Redux, Redux Toolkit, and Reselect. There are new features, performance improvements, smaller bundle sizes, and deprecated feature removals aplenty. There’s a RTK 2.0 and Redux 5.0 migration guide that digs into the changes.

Mark Erikson

StyleX: Meta's Web Styling System — A newly open sourced “CSS-in-JS” library from Meta made up of a JavaScript syntax and compiler for styling web apps. It’s not exclusively for React, but React is a natural fit given it was built for Facebook. Jack Herrington has ▶️ a 13-minute screencast taking a more practical look.

Goel and Gallagher (Meta)

Feel the Power of More Than 420,000 Teammates and Work #LikeABosch — At Bosch, we shape the future with high-quality technologies and services to inspire people and improve their lives. And it’s our people who make us remarkable. Our success is your success. Let’s celebrate together. Learn more.

Bosch sponsor

Getting Started with React Native Skia — Skia is a 2D graphics library providing drawing primitives on the major platforms. It opens up opportunities to custom render UI features and visual effects not covered by typical RN components. Shopify, which sponsors work on React Native Skia, shows off the basics of its use here.

Daniel Friyia (Shopify)


Printing Perfection: A Developer’s Journey with React-to-Print — If you need to offer a customized printing experience from your app, react-to-print offers one approach.

Alex Buaiscia

Fixing Memoization-Breaking Re-Renders in React (5 Min Read) — Your React component still re-renders, even though you memoized it? How’s that possible? It is, and the fix is simple. 👀

Sentry sponsor

Creating a macOS MenuBar App with React Native — This article discusses different ways of creating such an app using NSMenu, NSPopover, and NSWindow.

Oskar Kwaśniewski

Best Practices Using React Server Components with a Headless CMS
Tony Spiro

Polymorphism in React: Two Patterns to Know
Marcus Haaland

Svelte Through the Eyes of a React Developer
Ido Shamun

🛠 Code and Tools

Wavesurfer React: Audio Waveform Visualization — Adding an audio waveform to your video or image content is an effective means of increasing engagement or usability. This library is a wrapper for the mature wavesurfer.js to enable its functionality to be used in your React app. Demo.

Denis Bogdanenko

Storybook 7.6: The Workshop for Frontend UI Components — Start times for webpack projects are cut ‘by 50% or more’, there’s experimental SWC support, a new ‘test build mode’, a new Vitest-based testing library, and more.

Michael Shilman (Storybook)

🚀  Astro 4.0 Released — The new major release of the Astro content-site framework is just out, including a new dev toolbar, automatic i18n routing, new view transition APIs, and more. There’s also, experimentally, incremental content caching. Upgrading is simple – an npx @astrojs/upgrade away for most folks.


📰 Classifieds

💻 Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.

🗓️ Workshop: Learn how to build apps with Svelte and SvelteKit in our remote workshop – afternoons (CET) of Jan 30th to Feb 1st – only €350.

Keep React: A Library of 40+ Components Built with React and Tailwind — View all the components available in the docs, where you’ll find lots of interactive demos too.