#​366 — December 13, 2023

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React Status

Million 3.0: A Performance-Focused Virtual DOM Replacement — A fast, lightweight virtual DOM that makes React up to 70% faster. v3 has faster build times, a faster run time.. so Million was already faster, now it’s even.. faster-er?

Aiden Bai

React Tricks: Fast, Fit and Fun — The developer of Wouter, a minimal hook-based router for React apps, explains some of the ‘tricks and hacks’ he’s used while maintaining the library, complete with some neat interactive demos.

Alexey Taktarov

Never-Ending Story of Backlogs Got Your Team Down? — Falling behind. No time for updates. Sound familiar? Get unstuck so you can ship more and improve things along the way.

Test Double sponsor

Storybook Adds Support for React Server Components — It requires an upgrade to Storybook 8.0 alpha (or you can just wait for the final), but this is a major upgrade to Storybook’s support for the latest changes in React/Next.

Michael Shilman (Storybook)

Dan's Back with a Chain Reaction — Dan’s Overreacted blog is a great source of React wisdom, and he’s back with his first new post since 2021 with some high level pondering of the nature of levels of abstraction, code transformations, and how they chain together to produce useful output. It’s the first in a promised series that will take these ideas further.

Dan Abramov


  • React Native 0.73 has been released with stable symlink support, Android 14 support, and new experimental features (plus Kotlin is now the recommended language for Android apps).

  • Vercel's Next.js React Foundations course has been updated to include coverage of the App Router and Server Components.

  • 📺 GitHub Unwrapped is a fun project that renders your personal GitHub activity into a video (a la Spotify's "Wrapped" roundups). The source is here and it uses the React-based Remotion to render the videos dynamically.

Building a React F# UI for an Embedded System“TLDR: We build a React F# single page application that is able to handle values that are sent to and received from an embedded system, considering that the communication takes noticeable time.”

Viktor Schepik

Building AR Face Masks in React Native — This tutorial teaches how to build a custom augmented reality (AR) face mask using DeepAR and then subsequently using the result in a React Native application.

Ivy Walobwa

Optimizing Performance in React Native: Tips and Techniques
Diego Oliveira

How to Set Up Self-Healing URLs in Next.js for Better SEO
Mike Bifulco

▶  Thirteen Figma-to-React Converters Ranked
Jack Herrington

🛠 Code and Tools

React Responsive Pagination: Component for Smart Pagination — A responsive pagination component which intelligently adjusts to the available width. The homepage is a live demo, or you can hit the GitHub repo.

Jon Elantha

Expo Router v3 Beta Now AvailableExpo Router is a file-based router for React Native and webapps built on top of React Navigation. v3 offers a new experimental system for building server endpoints: API Routes, reduced bundle size, and more powerful web support generally.

Evan Bacon

📰 Classifieds

💻 Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.

Primer React 36.4: GitHub's Design System for ReactPrimer is the name for the entire set of guidelines, principles, and design language around building UIs at GitHub, and Primer React is a React-based implementation of it.


Reacton: A Pure Python 'Port' of React for ipywidgets — If you ever have to work in the Python-based notebook space (very common in the AI space right now), this React-like way to create Python based UIs may be of interest.

Maarten A. Breddels