#​339 — May 17, 2023

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▶  React from Another Dimension with Dan Abramov — At Remix Conf 2023, Meta’s Dan Abramov (of both React and Redux fame) gave an illuminating talk about server-side components and server actions, by way of thinking about what React might have been like if the modern JavaScript ecosystem had blown up 15 years earlier than it did, complete with some Windows XP vibes. (42 minutes.)

Dan Abramov on YouTube

Introducing Legend-State 1.0: Build Faster Apps FasterAnother state management solution? Yes, indeed. After a year of effort, Legend State 1.0 is here and claims to be the fastest option “on just about every metric” and they have the benchmarks to prove it. Whatever the case, this thorough intro is worth a look. GitHub repo.


Cut Development Time in Half — Spend more time building and less on maintenance with Storyblok CMS: All your assets in one place, reusable components, and a simple visual editor so marketing/design/other teams can do things without bugging you.

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Considering Alternatives to Vercel — As Vercel’s platform becomes more popular and adds new features like their new storage options, more folks run up against the reality of pay-as-you-go pricing and start to balance it up against the DX benefits. Prithwish looks at some of the alternative routes.

Prithwish Nath

React Server Components, Next.js App Router and Examples — Addy Osmani’s overview of the state of React Server Components, the Next.js App Router implementation, other implementations, the move towards hybrid rendering, plus some RSC related links.

Addy Osmani

React with TypeScript Tutorial — Familiar with React, but not yet had the chance to incorporate TypeScript? This tutorial takes you through the steps to do it in what the author believes is the correct way. (Note: Starts off openly accessible but email-walled for later portions.)

Matt Pocock

📅  JSDayIE 2023: The First JavaScript Conference in Ireland Is Back! — Join us on September 26th in Dublin to experience everything the Irish JavaScript community and Ireland have to offer.

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Using Apollo Client with Next.js 13 — Looking at the release of an official (if experimental for now) library to support the App Router approach.

Patrick Arminio (Apollo GraphQL)

Creating a 'Spotlight' Effect with React and CSS — Adding just a touch of interactivity to cards and other UI elements.

Julien Thibeaut

🛠 Code and Tools

Ant Design 5.5: An Extensive React Component Libraryv5.5 includes lots of minor enhancements as well as an all new color picker component. Curiously they bill themselves as “The world’s second most popular React UI framework” which got us thinking about ▶️ Garfunkel, Messina, Oates, and Lisa.

Ant Design

Scrollytelling: A Library to Create Scroll Animations with React and GSAP — Powered by GSAP’s ScrollTrigger plugin and includes some abstractions to make it work better with React. Try the example.


React Authentication, Simplified

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DivMagic: Copy Code From any Page as Tailwind CSS Components — A Chrome or Firefox extension to convert elements directly into Tailwind CSS (including colors). Your experiences with it may vary but it’s an interesting idea. You can see it in action ▶️ in this one-minute screencast.


react-flip-toolkit 7.1: A React FLIP Animation Helper Library — Designed for creating advanced, configurable ‘FLIP-style’ layout transitions.

Alex Holachek


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