#​340 — May 24, 2023

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The Epic Stack: An Entire Opinionated Stack in One — A new opinionated ‘project starter’ and stack to help you or your team leapfrog analysis paralysis when figuring out what tools and libraries to use in your next, fresh project. And opinionated it certainly is, choosing to go with Remix, Prisma, Tailwind, Fly, SQLite, and more all out of the box. You’re encouraged to fork and remix it, if you want, and Kent gave ▶️ a 20-minute talk at RemixConf to really sell the idea.

Kent C. Dodds

Full Stack for Front-End Engineers with Jem Young (Netflix) — Learn what it means to become a well-rounded full-stack engineer with this hands-on video course. You’ll dive into servers, work with the command line, understand networking and security, set up continuous integration and deployment, manage databases, build containers, and more.

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Understanding React Concurrency — It’s not mandatory to understand the details of React’s ‘concurrent features’ (what you may have once called ‘concurrent mode’) but having the basic ideas in your head could help you solve performance problems and bugs down the line.

Slava Knyazev


You Might Not Need React Query — React Query is a great library, but like any tool, you should choose it for the right problem. Certainly an interesting entry in a fantasticly extensive series of posts all about using React Query ;-)


▶  Why React is Here to Stay — A rebuttal of sorts to Adam Elmore’s video from two weeks ago: ▶️ I’m Done with React.

Joscha Neske

Automate Component Testing with Chromatic—Powered by Storybook — Verify visual changes and component logic on each commit. Get started with a $500 credit using code REACTSTATUS.

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How We Built the Storybook Day 3D Animation — Have you ever seen an impressive animation and wondered ‘so how’d they actually do that?’ This tutorial takes the Storybook Day animation and breaks it down step-by-step, each with sample code. One for the React Three Fiber crowd.

Varun Vachhar

How to Create a Custom Debounce Hook
John Au-Yeung

Creating a Shine Effect on a Card with Tailwind CSS
Julien Thibeaut

🛠 Code and Tools

BlockNote: A 'Notion-Like' Block-Based Text Editor — Flexible and presents an extensive API so you can integrate it with whatever you want to do. You can drag and drop blocks, add real-time collaboration, add customizable ‘slash command’ menus, and more. Builds on top of ProseMirror and TipTap.


React Authentication, Simplified

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Pastel 2.0: A Framework for Building Ink AppsInk brings the power of React and components to building command line apps, and Pastel provides more structure on top of that. Indeed, it calls itself a “Next.js-like framework for CLIs.”

Vadim Demedes

Quick SQLite: A Fast React Native SQLite Library Built using JSI — Embeds the latest version of SQLite and provides a low-level JSI-backed API to execute SQL queries.



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