#211 — October 21, 2020

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React 17.0 ReleasedTwo months ago, we featured the RC release of React 17, but now it’s here for real. Not a lot has changed with the focus on quiet, subtle changes, making apps easier to upgrade gradually in future, and also to make it easier to embed React apps into apps built with other technologies.

Dan Abramov and Rachel Nabors

React 17's New JSX Transform Added to React 16.4.0, 15.7.0 and 0.14.10
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Managing Long-Running Tasks with Web Workers — Getting around UI-blocking tasks with this technique can unlock your app’s performance and give the users the experience they expect. Let Web Workers take care of your slow running scripts in the background.

Chidi Orji

Explore This Powerful Grid for Your Data-Heavy React Apps — The KendoReact Data Grid is one of the most powerful and fast React grid components out there. From must-have features such as paging, sorting and filtering, to being able to handle hundreds of thousands of data items, it has it all. See it in action.

Progress KendoReact sponsor

Svelte for Sites, React for Apps? — Web sites display content whereas web apps are for interaction. These are two totally different things, so Swyx asserts. If that’s in fact the case, why use the same tools to build both?

Shawn Wang

Building a Pannable, Zoomable Canvas — Digital mapping proved that panning and zooming are natural and intuitive ways to navigate content which exceeds available screen real estate. This series of well explained and well illustrated examples brings the same concept to any app.

Jonathan Clem

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Senior Software Engineer (React + Rails) [Remote] — A modern fleet management software, remote-first culture, passionate about creating delightful user experiences for thousands of customers.


Find a Job Through Vettery — Create a profile on Vettery to connect with hiring managers at startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


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🛠 Tutorials & Stories

What Vue.js Does Better Than React“I love and use React daily but was curious if there’s anything from Vue that React could learn from. Turns out there is! This post collects my findings.”

Harry Wolff

The Context API: Lightweight State Management — If your application is anything more than a single page, you need to be concerned about maintaining state. However, you may not require a full-blown state managment solution like Redux. For more modest requirements, the Context API may be all you need.

Priyanshu Saraf

Supercharged Testing with Wallaby.js — As if by magic Wallaby.js continuously runs your tests and immediately reports results back to your code editor even before you save the file. The real time feedback should result in more robust code.

Kelvin Omereshone

Redesigning the Design Process: How to Work More Efficiently in 2020 — To help product teams in 2020, here are five changes to speed up, improve, and iterate on the design process.

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Rendering React on the Edge with Flareact and Cloudflare Workers — Josh works at Vox Media, one of the Web’s biggest publishers (think The Verge) and rendering pages quickly is important for them given they sell ads. Here, he introduces Flareact, an edge-rendered React framework built for Cloudflare Workers.

Josh Larson

Speechly: Build Voice User Interfaces — We have Siri, Alexa and Cortana to thank for making app users believe they would rather talk to their devices than touch them. Is it time you added a voice interface for your app?

Ottomatias Peura

How to Unit Test Your Gatsby Blog with React Testing Library
Emma Goto

🛠 Code and Tools

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React Flow 6: Build Node-Based Editors and Diagrams — Although it has been around for a while, React Flow has just hit its sixth major release. The examples provide a succinct and inspiring summary of what’s available and certainly warrant another look. GitHub repo.


React PayPal JS: Abstract Away Complexities of Loading the JS SDK — The PayPal JavaScript SDK is essential if you want to tightly integrate PayPal into your app, but that has proven tricky to do in a componentized way. Thankfully a solution is at hand.


Getting Started with OpenTelemetry in Node.js

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TakeNote: Simple Notes App with Markdown Support — Completely devoid of features you don’t want or need, this is a developer-focused tool for taking notes using the ubiquitous and easy-to-learn Markdown syntax.

Tania Rascia

React Native Loading Spinner Overlay — Rather than your app looking like it's ready to go when things are still being loaded, use this to make it clear what's going on.


react-native-dialog: A Pure JavaScript React Native Dialog
Matteo Mazzarolo