#137 — May 8, 2019

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Microsoft Launches React Native for Windows — React Native began life as a way to build native mobile apps using the React approach, but it’s increasingly been considered as a way to build apps for other platforms too. Microsoft has now unveiled its open source project for bringing React Native to Windows app development. Exciting times lie ahead! GitHub repo.


5 Things You Didn’t Know About React DevTools — You can theme them, you can debug performance using its profiler, you can dig into source, use ‘secret’ React APIs, and more.

Kristofer Selbekk

5 Simple Steps to Deploying a React App to the Cloud — Follow this guide to learn how to deploy and update a static site with Visual Studio Code. Master the steps, then share this training resource with your team.

Microsoft sponsor

React Native at F8 and Open Source Podcast — Sitting in the shadow of Microsoft Build, it’s easy to forget Facebook had their own F8 event last week, but if you’re a React Native user you’ll want to catch up with how Facebook are using React Native and continuing to innovate on the platform.

Christoph Nakazawa

Always useMemo Your Context Value — Why and how you should always use React’s useMemo hook for your context provider value prop.

Kent C. Dodds

🐦 Seen on Twitter..

“... we’re experimenting with server rendering React code. Historically we haven’t put as much effort into the SSR implementation compared to the client one, but that will change.”

Dan Abramov sharing some thoughts on server-side rendering.

“In styled-components v5 we'll turn on BEAST MODE. First summary of the benchmark numbers I've dropped before: [...] ~50% faster SSR [..] up to 10x faster rehydration..”

Great news for CSS-in-JS fans from Phil Pluckthun of the styled-components core team.

💻 Jobs

Senior React Developer (Remote) — Our hardware/software product uses machine learning/AI to help DSLR/mirrorless users get better photos.


Find A React Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Tutorials

▶  A Hands-On Introduction to React Hooks — A 30-min introduction and demonstration of hooks directly from Facebook’s F8 conference and given by an experienced developer on the Instagram Web team who’s using React every day.

Kathryn Middleton

How to Create a Search Bar in RxJS with Real-Time Results

DigitalOcean sponsor

Why I Love useReducer — Last week, we featured Robin Wieruch’s look at how to use useReducer, now here’s Harry Wolff with a bit of passionate cheerleading for the hook.

Harry Wolff

▶  How to Add Dark Mode to Your React App

Code Artistry

▶  Fun with React Hooks

Michael Jackson and Ryan Florence

React Navigation vs. React Native Navigation: Which Is Right for You? — In case you’re confused, both React Navigation and React Native Navigation are for React Native apps ;-)

Zain Sajjad

🔧 Code and Tools

React Rating: A Rating Component with Custom Symbol Support — Got something you want people to rate? Want to use stars, circles, hearts.. or whatever you want? Demos with code.


Relay 4.0.0 Released: A Framework for Building Data-Driven React Apps“Simply declare your data requirements using GraphQL and let Relay figure out how and when to fetch your data.”


Get the Fastest Website Deployments. Get Started Free — Learn the most effective way to build better apps faster.

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React Simple Animate: UI Animation Made Simple — An easy way to perform animations in React. Demos and code here.

Bill Luo

A React Dashboard Made with Material UI Components


React-mapbox-gl: A React binding of mapbox-gl-js — Fast, smooth mapping. The demo will give you the idea.

Alexandre Rieux

react-date-picker: A Date Input Component — We linked this a year ago but it’s continuing to get very frequent updates and releases. Plus it’s been a whole seven issues since we linked to a date selector, so it’s about time.

Wojciech Maj

React Email Autocomplete: An Autocompleting Email Field Component — Let’s say you have a newsletter sign up page.. 😏 this will help autosuggest some of the most popular email domain names on your email input field.

Masoud Ghorbani