#138 — May 15, 2019

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Reakit 1.0: A Toolkit for Creating Rich, Accessible React UIs — Diego quit his job a year ago to dedicate himself to this project which has now reached v1 - congrats! Strictly following WAI-ARIA 1.1 standards, Reakit provides accessible components covering UI elements like cards, popovers, headings, lists, labels, etc.

Diego Haz

Building An Advanced Blog System in Gatsby — This isn’t just your usual “Hello, world” tutorial, it covers things you might want on a real world blog like pagination and categories.

Danilo Woznica

New Course: Firebase 🔥 with React, v2 — Build full-stack applications leveraging your React skills on top of the Firebase platform. You'll get hands-on experience building a real-world application from the ground up and deploying it to the cloud.

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Deploying a Client-Side Rendered create-react-app App to Azure — If you have no interest in Azure, move on, but if you do, this tutorial really clears up a lot of tricky details about deploying a React app on the platform.

Adebiyi Adedotun

Use Apollo? Like React Hooks? Support is in Betanpm install @apollo/react-hooks@beta --save is what you need.

Peggy Rayzis on Twitter

▶  Discussing Facebook's Development Practices with Nick Schrock — Software Engineering Daily is a very popular developer podcast and it’s interesting to hear an ex-Facebook engineer (of some 8 years) talk about how Facebook’s engineering teams organize themselves. Pete Hunt was also on a similar episode earlier this week.

Software Engineering Daily

💻 Jobs

Front-end Engineer — Goldstar is looking for Front-end Engineers with React expereince onsite in Portland, Oregon and Pasadena, California.


Find a React Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Tutorials

How to Scroll to Item in React?scrollIntoView is a DOM method that can be used to scroll a particular element into the viewport.

Robin Wieruch

How to Create a Countdown Component with React — Could be useful if you’re building a site for a conference, wedding, or other similarly scheduled event. Hmm.. maybe even how long till our next issue! 😄

Florin Pop

Build a Robust Real-World Frontend App Data Layer — 8-part blog series.

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How to Build a React Timer Component Using Hooks“Building a React timer component is a great way to learn React, so let’s begin!”

James King

▶  The React Native Show #1: The New App Screen — The first in a new series of videos focusing on developments with React Native.

Christoph Nakazawa

A 2 Hour GraphQL Course for React Developers


Developing Our First PWA using React — Very much an entry level tutorial.

Taohidul Islam

🔧 Code and Tools

React Smooth Range Input: Attractive Input Range Selectors — A neat looking effect for selecting a number from a range.

Blue Bill

Hotkeys Hook: A Hook for Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Components — It uses Hotkeys behind the scenes.

Johannes Klauss

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react-share: Social Media Sharing Buttons and Counts — Social media sharing may be a bit passé in 2019 but if you need to offer it, this looks like a pretty clean approach.

Klaus Nygård

Virtuoso: An Elegant Virtual List Component for ReactLive examples are available to play with.

Petyo Ivanov

React Final Form: High Performance Subscription-Based Form State ManagementVersion 5 came out just today and has been rewritten to use hooks, plus they’ve switched to React Testing Library.

Final Form

reactjs-popup: A Simple React Popup Component — A new release just dropped.

Youssouf El Azizi