#115 — November 21, 2018

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🦃 Hi folks - we're keeping things short and breezy this week in respect of Thankgiving. If you celebrate, we hope you have a happy Thanksgiving this Thursday :-) Back to full service next week.
— Peter Cooper, Cooperpress

Nivo: D3.js-Powered React Data Visualization Components — Supports bar, line, pie, radar and other chart types and adds things like transitions (using react-motion) and isomorphic rendering. You can find examples and code on the official homepage.

Raphaël Benitte

Hyperscript Tagged Markup: A JSX Alternative using Standard Tagged Templates — A clever idea, this. It’s JSX-style syntax but in plain JavaScript (using tagged templates) that requires no special transpilation but still supports things like rest spread and referencing components.

Jason Miller

Square Reader SDK for React Native — Build custom payment apps using Square hardware with the React Native plugin for Reader SDK.

Square Developer sponsor

TNG-Hooks: React-Inspired 'Hooks' for Stand-Alone Functions — An interesting idea for regular JavaScript functions, inspired by React’s recently proposed Hooks feature.

Kyle Simpson

Fullstack React: An Introduction to Hooks in React — As React developers continue to play with and analyze the newly proposed ‘Hooks’ feature, the tutorials continue to flow. This is a particularly accessible one complete with examples.

Yomi Eluwande and Nate Murray

▶  Concurrent Rendering in React — A talk from React Conf that dug deep into UI performance and the features you can use in React to improve rendering performance and concurrency including lazy(), Suspense, and React Cache.

Andrew Clark and Brian Vaughn

React Render Props: A Pattern for Code Reuse Amongst Components — Gives you enough to knowledge to make an educated decision about when to use render props or higher order components.

Tyler McGinnis

Building a Serverless Stripe Analytics Dashboard — Brings together Cube.js (a serverless analytics framework by Statsbot) and React as a way to visualize Stripe payment activity.

Artyom Keydunov

Why React Hooks, and How Did We Even Get Here? — Hooks have been much celebrated so far in how they give us new ways to create easily consumed contained, composable behaviors, but “they are not the silver bullet solution.”

Ryan Yurkanin

React Podcast: Don't Rewrite Your App for Hooks & Suspense (with Jared Palmer) — What Suspense and Hooks mean for existing apps and what you should know to migrate code sanely (if you choose to do so).

React Podcast