#116 — November 28, 2018

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react status

The React 16.x Roadmap — If you’ve been following the React world over the past year, you’ll have run into a variety of new concepts like hooks and ‘Suspense’ and possibly wondered how it all fits into the big picture. This post explains it all and how these features will become fully supported in final React releases.

Dan Abramov

Under The Hood of React’s Hooks System — If you’re tired of hearing about React’s new hooks mechanism, you might want to skip ahead a year, but for now people are continuing to dig deep into understanding how they work.

Eytan Manor

React Open Source Awards Need You — Our work would be way harder without OSS solutions like Redux or MobX, and open source is getting more important every day. Would you like to give these tools and their creators the recognition they deserve? 🤔 Then nominate a project.

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How React Fared in the State of JS 2018 Survey — The results of the largest annual survey of JavaScript developers are out and React continues to dominate the narrative.

Eric Bishard

React Hooks Heading Towards an Official Release — An update to the initial hooks proposal on GitHub that confirms hooks will officially make it into a production release of React but with some changes to be made first.

React Community

styled-components Gets Native Support for the css Prop — A new, convenient way to quickly style and iterate on your components and their boundaries has landed in styled-components, a popular way to write CSS in your JavaScript to style components.

Max Stoiber

Boilerplate for Using React with Google Apps Script — Google’s Apps Script isn’t super well known but provides a powerful way to interact with Google apps using JavaScript. This demo project will help you get set up if you want to use React with it too.

Elisha Nuchi

💻 React Jobs

Developer Avocado 🥑 in Beautiful Norway🎉 — Passion for React & GraphQL? Love tech evangelism? Join our fast growing GraphQL based e-commerce service Crystallize.

Crystallize AS

Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With A Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities, and job details.


📘 Tutorials

The Ultimate VS Code Setup for JS and React Development — A list of VSCode extensions that make life easier. There are a few here you’re likely to have not seen before.

Elad Ossadon

React Hooks: Not Magic, Just Arrays“Here I present a model for how to think about using the new API for those that are struggling to understand the reasons for those rules.”

Rudi Yardley

Build a Modern App to Store Data with Django and React on Ubuntu 18.04 — Construct Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on Ubuntu 18.04 using React, Django and the Django REST Framework.

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React Hooks for GraphQL — How to create custom React hooks to handle common GraphQL operations.

Nader Dabit

Serverless Progressive Web Apps using React with Cloudflare Workers

Sevki Hasirci

A Visual Guide to Learning Redux — An attempt to explain Redux concepts by way of storing money at a bank and interacting with a cashier.

Ohans Emmanuel

How to Create a Contact Form with React and PHP

Malith Priyashan

🔧 Code and Tools

Sky: A React Component for Interactive Backgrounds — To create Web page backgrounds where elements are moving around.

Luca Gesmundo

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Hooks' Macro: Babel Macros for Automatic React Hooks Memoization Invalidation

Pier Paolo Ramon

React Plain Router: A 2KB React Router That Works Exactly As Expected with Native JavaScript

Francisco Presencia