#114 — November 14, 2018

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react status

Retoggle: Control Your Component State from the Outside — A collection of React hooks that provide UI controls to control the state of your component so you can experiment more easily. GitHub repo.

Raathigeshan Kugarajan

The Quest for React Micro-Apps: The Beginning — Engineers at Eventbrite (the event ticketing company) share how they’ve got over coupling/scaling issues by heading towards a world where they have many smaller React apps that can be developed/deployed separately. ‘Microservices’ but for the front-end, if you will!

Ben Ilegbodu (Eventbrite)

Send Emails with AWS Simple Email Service (SES) & MongoDB Stitch — In this tutorial, with just a few lines of code, you'll use the built-in AWS service from MongoDB Stitch to send a transactional email using SES.

MongoDB sponsor

react-beautiful-dnd: Accessible Drag and Drop for ListsVersion 10 of this popular project dropped this week and promises even better performance, better keyboard support, and the ability to combine items and add or remove items during a drag.


React Concepts You Should Know (After You Learn The Basics) — If you’re still pretty new to React, this is for you. You’ve followed some tutorials, maybe got your first React app working, but what’s worth understanding next? Context, HOCs, and lifecycle methods for starters.

Chris Chuck

▶  A Tour of React Native's New Architecture — The React Native team have long been working on a new underlying architecture for the framework that should improve interoperability and performance, and this is perhaps the best way to learn about it in just 30 minutes.

Parashuram N

💻 React Jobs

Developer Avocado 🥑 in beautiful Norway🎉 — Passion for React & GraphQL? Love tech evangelism? Join our fast growing GraphQL based e-commerce service Crystallize.

Crystallize AS

Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With A Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities, and job details.


📘 Articles, Opinion & Tutorials

A Guide to Custom Elements for React Developers — Custom elements can offer the same general benefits of React components without being tied to a specific framework implementation.

Charles Peters

Implementing Smooth Scrolling in React — ..using the react-scroll package.

James Quick

How We Use Storybook for Documentation and Code Reviews

Shesh (RedMart Engineering)

Using Create React App v2 and TypeScript — Create React App recently introduced native support for TypeScript, the strongly typed JavaScript subset. Here’s a guide to how it works.

Chris Sevilleja

Advantages of Functional Components on an E-Commerce Site

Sunil Sandhu

The Syntax Podcast on React Hooks — The popular Web development podcast digs into the new ‘hooks’ feature in this hour long show.

Syntax podcast

The Love-Hate Relationship between React Router and React Components

Kasra Khosravi

🔧 Code and Tools

A Proof-of-Concept Babel Plugin to Compile React Components Into Native DOM Instructions — Very much an experiment/POC but interesting nonetheless.

Tobias Koppers

Automated Visual Testing for React Apps and Components — Replace time-consuming manual QA to catch visual UI bugs automatically and start deploying faster.

Percy sponsor

SVGR: An Online SVG to JSX Transformation Tool

Smooth Code

react-split-testing: A Simple A/B Testing Component — Wrap variants within Variant and Experiment tags - a variant is then chosen randomly and recorded in localStorage.

Michael Sulyak

Mauerwerk: A Masonry-Like Grid with Enter/Exit and Shared Element Transitions — You probably need to see the demo here to get the idea.

Paul Henschel

Ext JS: Pre-Built & Supported Components for React Apps - View Examples

SENCHA sponsor

React Code Input: A Component for Entering and Validating PIN Codes

Konstantin Kulinicenko