#107 — September 28, 2018

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Why 'Words With Friends' is Adopting React Native — After a spate of stories about how some apps were moving away from React Native, it’s good to see a well thought through piece on why React Native makes sense for other apps - in this case, a popular Scrabble-esque mobile game.


How to Test React Components using Jest and Enzyme — A bumper packed tutorial that covers both unit & integration tests on an example codebase.

Linh Nguyen My

⚛️ New Course: Complete Intro to React, v4 — Learn to build real-world applications in React. Much more than an intro, you’ll start from the ground up all the way to using the latest features in React 16+ like Context and Portals. We also launched a follow up course, Intermediate React.

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Last Call for Create React App v2 — Create React App 2.0 is due imminently with just one more round of testing to go, so if you want to try it out ASAP, here’s how. Make sure to report any issues you encounter. If you just want to know what will be in v2, there are draft release notes too.


A Simple React Cheatsheet — A nicely formatted cheatsheet that covers basic code for things like higher order components, React Router, and basic components.

Leon Gilyadov

A Practical Guide to Reusable Components — How to create a simple reusable React component, along with a few best practices involved in making better components.

Rajat S

💻 React Jobs

Mid-Level Front End Engineer @ HITRECORD (Full Time, Los Angeles) — Our small dynamic team is looking for an experienced frontend developer to help build and iterate features for an open online community for creative collaboration.


Try Vettery — Create a profile to connect with inspiring companies seeking React devs.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

Integrate Touch ID and Face ID to your React Native App — Adding authentication using the user’s Touch ID or the new Face ID is easier than ever.

Adhithi Ravichandran

Making Renders Faster with the React 16.5 Profiler — React 16.5 added support for new Profiling tools, here’s how they can help identify slow render performance.

Dustin Masters

Build a Netflix Style Video Delivery Platform — Play videos at the same quality & speed as Netflix & YouTube. API clients for all major languages.

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Use the New Profiler in React Developer Tools to Generate Flame Charts and Interactions

Elijah Manor

Immutable Data with Immer and React setState

Code Daily

🔧 Code and Tools

React Component for Tippy.js, a Tooltip and Popover LibraryTippy.js is a popular, highly customizable JavaScript tooltip and popover library, and this React component makes it a lot easier to use in React apps.


React-Progressive-Loader: Load Images and React Components Progressively — Defer the loading of non-critical images and components if they are off-screen, Medium-style. Written in TypeScript.

Yosbel Marín

react-accessible-accordion: An Accessible Accordion ComponentDemo here.


Choosing Between Redux and React’s Context API — One developer’s experience.

Faiz Mohammed

Catch React Errors Before Users Do

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React Twitter Embed Component — An easy way to add Twitter widgets to your React project.

Saurabh Nemade

react-smoothie: A React Wrapper for Smoothie ChartSmoothie Chart is for plotting streaming or live data.

Cameron Tacklind