#106 — September 21, 2018

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react status

Next.js 7: A Framework for Server-Rendered React Apps — Significant upgrades in performance, key dependency upgrades (to webpack 4 and Babel 7), an all new homepage, and more. Certainly worth learning if you want to take React server-side.


Immutability in React and Redux: The Complete Guide — Learn about side effects and how to avoid them, how to use immutability with objects and arrays in Redux reducers, and an easy way to update state with Immer.

Dave Ceddia

Whitepaper: Planning a React Application — Start your next React project with confidence. Learn strategies for tooling, frontend and UX, testing and performance to boost your (and your team’s) productivity. Get your free copy.

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Gatsby 2.0: The Node and React-Powered Site Generator — Like with Next.js 7 (above), the latest major version of this popular site and app generator emphasizes performance and developer experience with a 75% reduction in build times, moving from React 15 to 16.5, and a smaller client runtime.

Kyle Mathews

Tying a React SPA to WordPress as a Backend — WordPress’s REST API is a surprisingly powerful way to use the popular CMS without having to touch PHP. This article looks into using WordPress as essentially a headless CMS with the WP REST API from a React single page app.

Maxime Laboissonniere

💻 React Jobs

Senior Software Engineer in Munich, Germany (React Native) — Build native apps for the world’s largest social network for expatriates in JavaScript. International team.


Try Vettery — Create a profile to connect with inspiring companies seeking React devs.


📘 Tutorials

Building a Component Library with React and Storybook — If you want to create reusable components to use across projects, Storybook can help a lot as it helps maintain a healthy separation between components and apps.

Dan Arias

▶  Creating AWS AppSync GraphQL APIs with AWS Amplify — A well recorded, to-the-point 8 minute walkthrough which includes connecting to the GraphQL API using a simple React app.

Nader Dabit

Authentication for a React and Express Application with JSON Web Tokens — How to setup authentication on a React Router-powered React app that’s using Express.js and MongoDB on the back-end.

Faizan Virani

Dive into React Native for Android Development — Alexander Pataridze talks about why he became a React Native advocate and highlights the technology via four use-cases.

Toptal Engineering

Extracting a React Component: View Replay

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Building an Autocomplete Widget with React and Elasticsearch

Ramachandran R

🔧 Code and Tools

React 16.5.2 Released — Not significant enough to feature at the top of the issue, but worth knowing if you need to test, etc.


React Gantt Timeline: A React Timeline Component with Virtual RenderingGantt charts have their detractors, but if you really need one in your app..

Guillermo Quiros

The Most Innovative Businesses Are Deploying Apps on DigitalOcean — Experience the developer-friendly cloud platform today with a free $100 credit toward your first project.

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React Webcam: A Component to Work with Webcams — Its main method lets you grab the current frame from the camera.

Moz Morris

ReSub: Create React Components That Automatically Manage Subscriptions to Data Sources — Note: One for TypeScript-based React developers.


react-apexcharts: A Wrapper for ApexCharts to Build Interactive SVG ChartsApexCharts is a library for building attractive charts and visualizations with JavaScript.