#​382 — April 24, 2024

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React Status

▶  From 0 to Production - A Modern React Tutorial — I’d be surprised if you’re not familiar with Theo, but if not, let’s just say he’s a popular developer YouTuber 😉 He may become even more popular thank to this video which, over three hours, covers modern React app development, complete with server components, Next.js, TypeScript, the Drizzle ORM, pnpm, and shadcn/ui.

Theo GG

React Native 0.74 Released — A significant release of the cross-platform native app framework. It includes the Yoga 3.0 layout engine, bridgeless mode becomes the default if using New Architecture, and Yarn 3 is the default package manager for new projects.

The React Native Team

Start for Free Today! Build Real-Time Video and Chat in Days — Ready to integrate Zoom/WhatsApp style video experience into your React application? Learn how Stream’s Video API can help you get started.

Stream sponsor

Getting Your Codebase Ready for React 19 — Is your app ready for what’s coming up in React 19’s release? A quick look at some of the anticipated changes so far.

Adrienne Ross


Building an Interactive 3D Event Badge with React Three Fiber — A tutorial fresh out of Vercel covering how they implemented the virtual lanyard for their Vercel Ship conference site.

Paul Henschel (Vercel)

📄 How to Manifest Streamlined Authentication: AWS Cognito in a React App Yuri Mikhin

📄 Did Signals Just Land in React? Paul Scanlon (The New Stack)

📄 You Don’t (Always) Need useState in ReactNico Prananta

📄 How I Built a Server-Side Cache with Express for React Carlos Sansón

📄 Making a React Command Palette with Tailwind CSS and Headless UIMayowa Ojo

📺 Building a Discord Clone using Next.js, TailwindCSS, Clerk, and Stream – In just six hours! Stefan Blos (Stream)

📄 Latency Numbers Every Frontend Developer Should Know Malte Ubl

🛠  Code, Tools & Libraries

Puck: A Self-Hosted Visual Editor for React Apps — We mentioned this several months ago but it’s had a lot of updates since, including supporting viewport switching (where you can render a Puck preview inside an iframe and get full media query support). GitHub repo.

Measured Corporation Ltd.

React UI Component Libraries: A Large Roundup — If you’ve ever found yourself wondering just how many UI libraries are out there for React, this article goes a long way to enumerating and describing what’s currently available.

Durga Prasad Acharya

📰 Classifieds

🎹 Fast, Reliable, Multi-Format Barcode Scanning for Web Apps with STRICH.

🗣️"Compared to our previous experiences in the security/auth space, Userfront is an order of magnitude simpler to use."

📆 Using AI-powered Autofix to fix broken code - Join us on April 25th to preview Autofix and learn how we are using ML to prioritize issues and alerts.

Vision Camera 4.0: Advanced Camera for React Native Apps — A powerful camera library for capturing both photos and videos, but also supporting QR/barcode scanning, different resolutions, aspect ratios, FPS, and even frame processors for doing custom things. v4.0 now lets you draw directly onto a frame using React Native Skia. (Homepage.)

Marc Rousavy

ReScript 11.1 Released — Once known as BuckleScript, ReScript is a heavily OCaml-inspired, typed language that compiles to JavaScript and even has a JSX transform built into the language. Traditionally this JSX support was targeted solely at React use cases, but now works with Vue, Preact, and other approaches too.

The ReScript Project

📞 react-phone-number-input: International Phone Number Input — Comes in two variants with and without a country selector. The homepage is packed with demos. Repo.

Nikolay Kuchumov

Rehackt: React Wrapper to Hide Hooks from the RSC Compiler — Intended for library developers, this invisibly wraps react so that you’re able to use shared imports with in server-side Next.js code without throwing an error to your users. Has recently blown up in popularity due to being used by Apollo Client.

Lenz Weber-Tronic

react-native-circular-progress: Animated Circular Progress Widget — Here’s how it looks.

Bart Gryszko