#​381 — April 17, 2024

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React Status

Wedges: A Collection of UI Components for React — Built and used by the folks at Lemon Squeezy, this is a well thought, aesthetically pleasing set of Radix UI and Tailwind CSS based components. You can also download a Figma file of them to use when mocking up layouts. GitHub repo.

Lemon Squeezy

CSS in React Server Components — An exploration of compatibility issues between React Server Components and CSS-in-JS libraries like styled-components, including what some of your options are and what’s coming in future.

Josh W Comeau

Lydia Hallie Tests Your JavaScript Knowledge — Challenge your core knowledge with 50 interactive quiz questions covering topics like the event loop, scopes and closures, classes and prototypes, garbage collection, and more. After each question, you'll get an in-depth visual explanation from Lydia to deepen your understanding of fundamental JS concepts.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Next.js 14.2 Released — As it approaches its eighth birthday, Next.js has passed 1 million monthly active developers and landed this release with support for using Turbopack to improve local development, memory usage, CSS and caching optimizations, improved error messages, and more. It also seems Next.js 15 is on the horizon to coincide with React 19.

Delba de Oliveira and Tim Neutkens


Qwik vs. Next.js: Which is Right for Your Next Web Project? — A point by point faceoff and why the author thinks Qwik takes the gold.

Samuel Mendenhall (Cisco)

📄 Why Microsoft Uses React Native for Its Own Cross-Platform Development Tim Anderson

📄 A/B Testing at Scale: How We Engineered a Solution with AWS Lambda@Edge Rahul Suresh (Unacademy)

📺 Declarative Routes for Next.js and React Router: DRY Routing Jack Herrington

📄 20 Quick-Fire Jotai Tips Daishi Kato

🛠  Code, Tools & Libraries

React Query Builder 7.2 — A fully customizable query builder component, along with utility functions for importing from, and exporting to, various query languages like SQL, MongoDB, etc.

Sapient Global Markets

semantic-autocomplete: A Fast Semantic Search Component — An interesting proof of concept where you can let users search by meaning, not just by matching characters. There’s a live demo here. It uses a ~20MB machine learning model (small by ML standards) on the client side to make it work quickly.

Mihai Chirculescu

📰 Classifieds

💬 Localization Webinar April 18th! Learn how to make fast automated translation workflows using the APIs & SDKs from ButterCMS & Lokalise.

🗣️"Compared to our previous experiences in the security/auth space, Userfront is an order of magnitude simpler to use."

⚙️ react-qrcode-logo – Render QR codes with embedded logos. Giulia Corò

⚙️ Craft.js – A React framework for building drag and drop page editors. Prev Wong

⚙️ Kotekan – A simple React framework built on Bun and supporting React Server Components. Benedikt Müller

⚙️ react-native-collapsible-tab-view – A cross-platform collapsible tab view component. Pedro Bern


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