#​347 — July 12, 2023

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React Status

The React Graph Gallery — Live demonstrations of a vast array of different charts and graphs built with React and D3.js, complete with explanations and code you can take away to reproduce them for yourself. Particularly striking examples include Sankey diagrams, treemaps, and correlograms, but there’s a lot to enjoy here.

Yan Holtz

MDX Editor: A Rich Markdown Editor Component — Best known for the React Virtuoso virtualized rendering components, Petyo has unveiled a Lexical-powered Markdown editor for React apps that supports code blocks, tables, and more. The live demo shows off most of what you need to see.

Petyo Ivanov

Auth for Every App — The best frontend language deserves the best auth service. Add MFA, SSO, biometrics and advanced threat detection with just a few clicks. Put FusionAuth to work for you.

FusionAuth sponsor


Demystifying React Server Components with Next.js 13 — Half tutorial and half the author figuring things out, which works pretty well as an approach for such a new topic.

Matt Kruse

Update State During Render, Better Explained — Last week, Swizec told us about updating state during rendering but if the idea or motivation confused you, he’s back with more of an explanation.

Swizec Teller

▶  Simple Next.js and React Authentication with Clerk
Brad Traversy

🛠 Code and Tools

React95: A Windows 95 Themed React Component Library — You would have been forgiven for thinking this project was a cute joke and would be abandoned pretty quickly, but no! It’s getting almost non-stop updates and releases and is surprisingly thorough. We love it.

The React95 Team

React Native GTK4: React Renderer for GTK4 — Build native GTK4 (the widget toolkit associated with GNOME) apps using Node and the React components and development patterns you’re already familiar with.

Eugenio Depalo

📅  Debugging React Native Apps End-to-End: Best Practices — Join developers from Meta, Expo and Sentry for a live AMA on July 26th, 10am PT to share tips and best practices.

Sentry sponsor

SaaS Boilerplate 2.0: Opinionated Full Stack Boilerplate App — If you like your server side to be JavaScript flavored, turn away because while this is all React in the front end, it’s Python and Django behind the scenes :-)


AI Getting Started Kit: A Starter Stack for AI-Based 'Weekend Projects' — Brings together an opinionated set of technologies including React, Next.js, Clerk for auth, Langchain.js, Replicate for image models, Fly for deployment, and more.

AI Getting Started

📰 Classifieds

💻 Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.

☑️ SurveyJS is a dual open source/commercial form management system that lets you create dynamic surveys using JSON or a form builder. Try a demo of the SurveyJS form builder.

Classifieds is a way to share projects, services, or jobs you may find useful, replacing our job listings section.

More details to follow.

react-multistep — Multi-step ‘wizards’ are an effective way of walking users through complex interactions. Check out the demo.