#​331 — March 22, 2023

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react.dev: The New Home for React — Stand aside reactjs․org, there’s a new official homepage in town. Available in beta form for some time now, the new site represents a huge step forward in the guides on offer, both in terms of quantity and in representing modern React development practices. Dan Abramov and Rachel Nabors explain more in this introductory blog post.

React.js Project

How to Start a React Project in 2023 — There are lots of ways, but this well-regarded author explains the pros and cons of a few approaches, and gives you a few options targeting specific use cases you might have.

Robin Wieruch

Tuple, a Lightning-Fast Pairing Tool Built for Remote Developers — Pair programming over blurry Zoom sessions leads to hours wasted manually dictating code. That’s time that could be spent building features customers want. Tuple’s low-latency remote control and crystal-clear screen sharing gets work shipped faster.

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Do The New React Docs 'Pretend SPAs Don't Exist Anymore'? — Matija picks up on something in the new React new docs that suggests the use of a “React powered framework” is recommended unless “your app has unusual constraints.” However, as we'll see in the next item, a framework like Next.js can still be just fine for single page apps..

Matija Sosic (Wasp)


Internationalization in Next.js 13 With React Server Components — An example of creating a multilingual app that uses next-intl to implement the i18n with minimal client-side footprint.

Jan Amann (Smashing Magazine)

Where Did Hooks Come From? — With apologies to the philosopher Santayana, “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. So here’s a quick history lesson on from whence React hooks came, lest we start going ‘round in circles.

Brad Westfall

Building Framer Motion Animations Inside a Qwik Application — Also touches on Motion One as a bonus, an animation library similar to Framer but lighter and faster to use.

Yoav Ganbar

▶  Balancing Legacy Code, Content Creation, and Career Growth with the Primeagen

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Deploy a React App on the Digital Ocean App Platform — Along with a self hosted Supabase instance.

Timothy Mamo

How to Stop a React Component from Rendering — You can return null from a component to indicate that it should render nothing.

Amit Merchant

🛠 Code and Tools

Recharts 2.5: Chart Library Built with React and D3 — Easy to deploy with declarative components, native SVG support, and lightweight dependency on D3. Line, bar, scatter, composed, pie, and radar charts are offered. There are lots of examples, complete with code.


Bright: A React Server Component for Syntax Highlighting — Customizable and includes all of VS Code’s syntax highlighting themes, some of which are demonstrated on the page.

Code Hike

Try Stream’s Free Trial of SDKs for In-App Chat

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React ProseMirror: Integrate the ProseMirror Editor with ReactProseMirror is a toolkit for building rich text editors for the Web.

The New York Times

React Native DateTimePicker 7.0 — A React Native date & time picker component for iOS, Android and Windows. v7.0 adds support for TurboModules on Android and supports the so-called New Architecture.

Vojtech Novak et al.

A 'Breathing Halftone' Animation for Pictures — Hard to describe but interesting. Here’s the actual effect.

Yusuf Ozlu


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