#​329 — March 8, 2023

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Why You Should Use a React 'Framework' — Whether it’s Next.js, Gatsby, Remix, or something else, using a bigger framework that itself uses React is de rigueur in 2023. Lee examines why, complete with a nice iceberg metaphor, and does a good job of boiling down the basic argument.

Lee Robinson

Common Beginner Mistakes with React — As an experienced React educator, Josh has seen most of the common problems people encounter and here he digs deep into “9 of the most dastardly gotchas” and how to resolve them. Aimed at folks who are ‘still pretty early’ in their React journey — so if you’re Dan Abramov, this isn’t for you 😁

Josh W Comeau

Dynaboard: A Visual Web App IDE Made for Developers — Build high performance public and private web applications in a collaborative — full-stack — development environment.

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Were React Hooks a Mistake? — This isn’t quite an attempt to rewind to class-based components, but a take on the rapidly growing popularity of a signals-based approach (as more often seen in non-React frameworks, such as with Preact Signals). Jake takes a thoughtful tour of the concepts involved but concludes that only ‘time will tell.’

Jake Lazaroff

If this item seems familiar, last July we linked to the now Medium-walled 'Can We All Just Admit React Hooks Were a Bad Idea?' which took a rather different approach.


Full-Stack TypeScript with tRPC and React — How to create a CRUD app with Node/Express on the server and React on the client while employing tRPC for communication between the two.

Robin Wieruch

How to Make Slow React Native Apps Faster — The folks over at internal tool building platform Retool recently released Retool Mobile, a way to build native apps in a similar way to their Web-based ones. This post covers a few optimizations they made to make the app as fast as possible.

James Lee (Retool)

Next.js Drag-and-Drop Image Uploading Directly to S3 — Including Terraform code for S3/CloudFront integration.

Daniel Errante

Need Help with Your React.js Project? Hire Our Team of Senior Devs

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How to Build a React Admin Panel with Mantine, Strapi and Refine

Creating a Knowledge Base with React Native and ButterCMS
Levis Masonde

Visualizing Your Photos on a Map with React Native
Bohdan Stupak

🛠 Code and Tools

Mantine 6.0: A Full Featured React Component Library — An increasingly popular MIT-licensed, TypeScript-based collection of 100+ components and hooks (with thorough documentation on every one, like this page about buttons). With v6, all components use rem units which affects styling in various ways. Numerous other breaking changes make this an upgrade to take care over.

Mantine Team

Ink 4.0: React, but for Building Interactive CLI Apps — Build your command line apps using React-style components. As of v4.0, Ink is now pure ESM, requires React 18, and requires Node 14.16+.

Vadim Demedes

Try Stream’s Free Trial of SDKs for In-App Chat

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Mezze: Export Icons as React Components from Figma — The aim is to go from a set of Figma icon assets to a GitHub PR with a few clicks.

Tianhe Yang

Evolu: Hooks for Local-First React Apps — A library of hooks for local-first apps with end-to-end encrypted backup and sync using the official WebAssembly build of SQLite and a conflict-free replicated data (CRDT) approach.


PNGR: Dockerized (Postgres + Nginx + Go + React) — Starter kit for a webapp that includes user and session management, JWT authentication, and a basic CRUD example.

Karl Keefer


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