#​298 — July 20, 2022

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React Status

Reading React's Source Code — What better way to get a feel for a project than to dive into the code? Despite being daunted by the process, Alex decided to take a look, focusing mostly on React’s design and the practices employed by React’s developers over the years.

Alex Kondov

▶  Blazingly Fast 'React' with Fresh — One of the most popular React YouTubers out there heads Deno-side to look at Fresh, a new islands-based web framework that doesn’t use React per se but.. close enough, with Preact and JSX for rendering and templating.

Jack Herrington

GV (Google Ventures) Invests $35M Into React Notification Infrastructure — Too many engineering resources are wasted on notification template building and routing rules. This scalable and reliable no-code UI has parity with a robust API that lets you deliver to your users their preferred experience.

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A Look at Remix and the Differences with Next.js — A good feature-by-feature comparison of the two React-based frameworks that share a ton of similarities but some key differences.

Facundo Giuliani

React, Vue, Angular and Svelte Popularity by the Numbers — Some will argue you can’t measure the immeasurable, but this is a multifaceted (and frequently updated) attempt to quantify the popularity of popular front-end frameworks using public data. Unsurprisingly, React sits on top.

Tanguy Krotoff

Quick bits:

React Hooks: The Deep Cuts — Simple introductions to five of React’s allegedly “lesser-known” hooks, namely: useReducer, useRef, useImperativeHandle, useMemo and useCallback

Blessing Ene Anyebe

▶  Call Kent Podcast: Do You Read the React Source Code? — Kent’s massive, online, never-ending Q&A session. You, too, can record your question and Kent will listen to it, respond and both will appear in the podcast feed. This time around, Kent comments on a question about reading React source which he doesn't read often but sees occasional value in doing so. (4 minutes.)

Kent C. Dodds podcast


Senior Software Engineer at This Dot Labs (Remote, Worldwide) — Great benefits working in modern tech stacks and amazing clients such as Google, Meta, Twilio, Cloudinary, Roblox, and more.
This Dot Labs

Find React Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

Using React's useRef Hook with TypeScript
Robin Wieruch

▶  Digging into React Native 0.69
React Native Radio podcast

Storing State in localStorage
Robin Wieruch

🛠 Code and Tools

SVGR: Transform SVGs into React Components — If that sounds too good to be true, copy your favourite SVG file and paste it into their playground.

Greg Bergé

react-burger-menu: An Off-Canvas Sidebar Component using CSS Transitions and SVG Path Animations — The demo on the homepage lets you try out all the different animation effects for making the menu appear. I never realized there we so many ways to have a menu appear! GitHub repo.

Imogen Wentworth

Retool Tech Talk: Learn How Snowflake Automated User Access Reviews to Operate Faster

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TanStack Table v8: Headless UI for Building Tables and Datagrids — Want the hard work of managing a table or data grid element taken care of but want to keep 100% control over markup and styles? This is what you need (if the idea of a ‘headless UI’ is new to you, read this intro). Note that it’s not just for React (vanilla, Vue, Solid and Svelte developers will be happy too).

Tanner Linsley

fireworks-js — A simple library for rendering firework effects – now in its second major release.

react-simply-carousel — Simple, lightweight, fully-customizable carousel component with SSR support.

react-easy-infinite-scroll-hook — A hook that adds infinite scroll to any component, as illustrated in their demo.

react-super-responsive-table — Display table data in a way that scales down nicely on mobile.


react-spring 9.5 – Spring physics-based React animation library.
react-spreadsheet-grid 2.1 – Excel-like grid component.
Remotion 3.1.3 – Create videos programmatically with React.
react-three-fiber 8.2 – React renderer for Three.js.
react-native-permissions 3.6 – An Unified permissions API on iOS and Android.
react-big-calendar 1.5