#​264 — November 10, 2021

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Meet Hydrogen: Shopify's React Framework for Dynamic, Contextual and Personalized E-CommerceHydrogen is an under-development React-powered framework bringing technologies like React Server Components and Vite into play for building entirely custom storefronts on the Shopify ecommerce platform. Note that it is not a final release (that's due next year) but is a public developer preview.

Ilya Grigorik (Shopify)

React Router v6 Released — “Built from scratch using React hooks” headlines the new version of React Router. It’s the first major release with breaking changes to the API in four years and it’s intended to replace all previous versions along with the experimental Reach Router. It’s also being used as a core for Remix “a new web framework that is going to help you build better websites”.

Michael Jackson (Remix)

🤔  Want to learn more about React Router 6? Robin Wieruch already has a tutorial for you to follow.

New & Updated Course: Introduction to Gatsby with Jason Lengstorf — Learn to build blazing-fast apps and websites with React using Gatsby, covering all angles from using GraphQL to store and retrieve data, image optimization, displaying third party data in components, right through to deployment.

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Code of Frankenstein: Iteratively Migrating ASP.NET MVC Razor to React and TypeScript — An account of what you could face should you need to migrate a codebase from a long-in-the-tooth Microsoft-oriented development stack.

Tyson Nero

Teaful: Tiny, Easy and Powerful React State Management — A new entrant (most recently known as Fragstore) into the React state management sweepstakes for the smallest solutions. At less than 1KB, this library is a strong contender in that department.

Aral Roca


[EU] JavaScript Developer, Preferably with React Knowledge — New hires get a "buddy" who will guide you through the company, code and the process. Newest technologies, development possibilities and satisfaction :)

Senior Mobile Developer (React Native/Node) – Remote — Join Sippd.com, the Forbes Next1000 startup changing how users find and buy alcohol with AI & computer vision. We’re looking for a generalist that loves growth hacking and taking big bets.

Find React Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

Using React Query for Any Slow Operations, Not Just API Requests
Swizec Teller

A 10 Question React Code Review Routine
Chak Shun Yu

Common React Hook Mistakes You Should Avoid
Piumi Liyana Gunawardhana

Building an Encyclopedia With React and Wikipedia Search API
Ekekenta Odionyenfe

🛠 Code and Tools

React Freeze: Prevent React Component Subtrees From Rendering — Uses the Suspense mechanism introduced in React 17 to ‘freeze’ component subtrees so they don’t unnecessarily re-render when they’re not visible to the end user.

Software Mansion

Recoil 0.5: A New Version of the 'Experimental' State Management LibraryRecoil is the ‘Reactish’ approach to state management from the team at Meta Experimental (formerly Facebook Experimental) where their leading edge initiatives are developed.

Meta Experimental

How To Use and Customize the KendoReact DatePicker Component

Progress KendoReact sponsor

Reactstrap 9.0: Stateless React Components for Bootstrap 5 — Here’s how to get started with it.


React Native BLE PLX: Low Energy Bluetooth LibraryBluetooth Low Energy is a technology used heavily in the wearable health and fitness peripheral space. This library opens up React Native integration with these devices.


axios-hooks: Hooks for the Long Standing HTTP ClientAxios is a mature, and still very popular, promise-based HTTP client.

Simone Busoli

React Date Picker 4.3.0: A Simple and Reusable Date-Picker Component — A mature option that continues to get frequent updates. Demo here.


React Firebase Hooks — Further simplifying React’s integration with Firebase taking its inspiration from RxFire.

CS Frequency

gatsby-starter-ts: Gatsby + TypeScript Starter Project — A starter template for the increasingly popular tool combination for static site generation.

João Pedro Schmitz

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