#​260 — October 13, 2021

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Introducing Sapling, a VS Code Extension for Traversing Your React Component Hierarchy — As your React codebase grows both in size and complexity, navigating the component hierarchy becomes increasingly difficult and time-consuming. Sapling adds an interactive dependency tree to the VS Code sidebar complete with available props for each component and easy navigation to the related files.

Team Sapling

ReacType 8.0: Popular React Prototyping Tool Now Exports with Tests — The new release of ReacType—the React GUI-based prototyping tool—has been enhanced with exports now including Jest and Enzyme tests for React, Next.js and Gatsby.

William Rittwage

Start Learning Software Engineering Today — Ready to get started learning software engineering? Learn 1:1 with an expert mentor to master the skills, build your personal portfolio, and gain experience needed to land a role in software engineering. Apply to Springboard's Software Engineering Bootcamp to start your journey today.

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  • The React project has announced a new React Developer Tooling team made up of Brian Vaughn, only juan, Luna Ruan, and Jason Bonta. The goal is for the team to support developer tooling efforts across the entire React technology suite.

  • The folks behind React Training and React Router have been working on a full stack framework called Remix which, till now, has only been available to paying supporters. They have just announced they've received $3m in funding and will be open sourcing Remix imminently.

Converting a React Component to TypeScript — By methodically working through the errors encountered in the process, the author provides an instructive summary of what it takes to modify a standard React component to use TypeScript.

Matti Bar-Zeev

How Kent C Dodds Built His Modern Website in 2021 — A walkthrough of the architectural and implementation decisions Kent made as he rewrote his personal website. By his own admission, it is over-engineered for the requirements if it was simply a ‘blogfolio’ website. However he was looking to demonstrate an “above and beyond” experience beyond the reach of simpler approaches.

Kent C. Dodds


React Native Engineer at IGN (Remote) — IGN, leading publisher of video game & entertainment news, is seeking a full time engineer to join us and help build the next generation of mobile apps. Interested? We'd love to talk.

Find React Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

How to Create a React Radio Button — A short tutorial on the humble UI staple as implemented in React.

Robin Wieruch beginner

React Calendar Vs. Scheduler: What’s the Difference & When to Use Them

Progress Kendo React sponsor

Graph Data Visualization with GraphQL and react-force-graph
William Lyon

A 'New Post' Node.js Script for Next.js
Elijah Manor

How to Detect Slow Renders in React?
Alex Sidorenko

Redux Is Dead: Long Live Redux Toolkit
Victoria Lo

🛠 Code and Tools

react-spring: Spring Physics Animation Library — Natural, fluid animation is achieved using spring physics which eschews defined curves and set durations. Spring physics employs the notion of spring stiffness and damping to each animation frame to achieve a much more natural effect. There's also an official homepage with links to cool demos like this one.

Paul Henschel et al.

dnd-kit: A New 'Kit on the Block' for Drag and Drop — Drag-and-drop functionality, which used to be a rarity with web apps, is now a base expectation by most users. This library promises to make your components drag-and-droppable with just a few lines of code.

Claudéric Demers

Mantine 3.0: Full Featured React Component Library — 3 months after 2.0, they’re ack with a 3.0 release. It’s an MIT licensed, TypeScript-based collection of now over 100 components and hooks with native dark theme support and a focus on usability and accessibility.

Mantine Team

ReactFire: Interact with Firebase — “Hooks, context providers, and components” for interaction with Firebase, Google’s platform for creating mobile and web applications.


react-codemirror: The Popular Code Editor Made Available in React — The CodeMirror text editor is implemented in JavaScript and runs in a browser. This library enables it to be incorporated into your React app.


Caroumesh: Display 3D Objects in a Carousel Setting — An extension of the carousel concept to enable the browsing of 3D objects in a familiar manner.

Adonis Stavridis

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