#​253 — August 25, 2021

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REAFLOW: Node-Based Visualizations for React — If you have trees / diagrams of nodes to render and manipulate, this is an option. It’s best to hit up the demos to see how it works.


Linaria 2.1: Zero-Runtime CSS in JS — Write your CSS-in-JS, but have it build into real CSS files for runtime efficiency. We originally covered v1 of Linaria in 125 way back in 2019, but it has since hit v2 with betas of v3 already appearing.


[Guide] Ship Fast. Stay Ahead of the Competition — High speed doesn't have to mean high risk. Companies like Intuit, IBM, & Atlassian don't let release processes stand in their way. Learn their strategies to move faster, safer and stay ahead of the competition.

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📅  React Contributor Days Online Meetup – September 9, 2021 — Tracy Lee and Shaudai Person will play host to Chantastic (React Podcast), Katherine Peterson (GitHub), Debbie O’Brien (Bit) and Jen Luker (Nav, Inc.) to talk about the state of the React ecosystem.

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React Now Effectively 'Part of the Rails Stack'? — Some surprising data from RailsGigs which characterizes the degree to which importance is placed on React experience by those looking for Rails developers. It’s more than you might imagine.

Matthew Bellantoni

React Native in the Second Half of 2021 — The React Core Team works in six month cycles and this short article summarizes what’s happened with React Native in the first half of 2021, and the plans for the second half of this year.

Luna Wei

▶  Brandon Bayer on Blitz.js, the Fullstack Framework for ReactBlitz.js has the ambitious goal of providing a Ruby on Rails-like experience for React development. While this may not be for everybody, Blitz’s creator provides some background/objectives for this full stack framework built on top of Next.js.

Semaphore Uncut with Darko Fabijan podcast

📅  React Finland 2021 — It’s hard to believe that the well-regarded React Finland conference has rolled around once more. Once again it will be held virtually and they have lined up some great speakers including the React Core team’s Rachel Nabors talking about open source documentation.

React Finland


React Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on long-term projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.

Senior Front-End Software Engineer (US/Poland/Remote) — Backed by Sequoia Capital and Coatue. We're looking for JS experts to join the team building the world's largest B2B marketplace.

Find React Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

Build Your React + Bootstrap App Without Coding — It’s a compelling premise and it comes complete with a tutorial and lots of relevant, real-world examples to get you started.

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▶  React and Material UI Course – Code a Dictionary — Yet another instalment in this informal series of ‘cradle-to-grave’ tutorials which takes a substantial, relatable application goal and implements it in a two-hour video, in this case.

Beau Carnes

How to Build a Search Bar in React — The search bar is the one element of site navigation you can almost guarantee your users already know. So why not give them they want? This tutorial provides everything you need to know presented in a logical ‘building block’ sequence.

Emma Goto

How Readable Are Your React Component’s TypeScript Props Typing?
Chak Shun Yu

'I Tried Vue.js as a React Developer. Here Are Five Things I Like About It'
Louis Petrik

Building a Desktop Application Using Electron and Create React App
Matteo Mazzarolo

Five Easy Methods to Implement Dark Mode in React Native
Zain Sajjad

How to Add Keyboard Shortcuts to Your React App
Pierre Ouannes

🛠 Code and Tools

REACT COOL STARTER — We have featured a number of Welly’s ‘cool’ components in past issues. Now they've turned their considerable talent to a project starter boilerplate.

Welly Shen

React Webcam 6.0: A Component to Work with Webcams — Grab an image from a web cam, select a camera of your choice, etc.

Moz Morris

Generating PDF from HTML in React: An Example of Exporting Data Grids

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cssbuttons: Pure CSS Buttons of Every Imaginable Kind — An ambitious project to create a collaborative database of pure CSS buttons. Check out their demo which has something for just about everybody and every application. Or consider contributing some of your own efforts.

Jack Latimer

Webrix: Application Building Blocks — Read their manifesto and then take a look at the demo.


react-model — Yet another contender in the React state management sweepstakes. Support both class and hook APIs and works with Preact, React Native, and Next.js too.

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