#125 — February 13, 2019

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Next.js 8 ReleasedNext.js is a popular React-oriented framework for building universal and otherwise server-side apps using React. This new release brings serverless deployment support, several key performance improvements and smaller initial HTML size.

Neutkens, Davis and Ding

Linaria 1.0: A Zero-Runtime CSS in JS Library — You might be used to styled-components or Emotion, but the main difference here is Linaria extracts styles to CSS files at build-time meaning nothing needs to occur at runtime.

Satyajit Sahoo

From React to Vue: Re-Vue-sable Components — See why the Nerds are fans of Vue.js.

Big Nerd Ranch sponsor

How to Create a CRUD App with Rails and React — An incredibly thorough tutorial covering fronting a Ruby on Rails API with a React client along with linting, flash messages, and handling 404s in React.

James Hibbard

Constate: A Simple State Manager That Uses Hooks and Context — Write local state using React Hooks and lift it up to Context only when needed with minimum effort.

Diego Haz

Should I useState or useReducer? — Two built-in React hooks that handle state.. but which should you use?

Kent C Dodds

💻 React Jobs

Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

Try Vettery — Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Tutorials

'How Do You Manage State in Your React Application?' — The question was asked on Hacker News and lots of people had their say. MobX and Redux were the most common responses, with a few people brewing their own solutions.

Hacker News

▶  Webinar: CMAF Low Latency — Hear from Shilpa Murthy (Bitmovin), Jerome Blanc (Anevia), and Ashok Lalwani (Fastly) to learn more about how the current architecture is shifting to support a low latency framework.

Bitmovin sponsor

React Dropzone and File Uploads in ReactDropzone underwent some changes in the recent version 8.x release, but this tutorial is up to date.

James King

How to Build a Full-Featured Modal Dialog Form with React — How to create a form in a modal that pops on click.

Krissanawat​ Kaewsanmuang

Building a React Autocomplete Component from Scratch

Krissanawat​ Kaewsanmuang

Build a Sample App Using React, MongoDB Stitch, and Google Authentication

MongoDB sponsor

Write Your First React Hook — Now that hooks are truly here with last week’s React release, it’s time to play.

Leonardo Maldonado

🔧 Code and Tools

React Spring: A Spring Physics Based Animation Library — We only linked this a few weeks ago but since then it has had a major version release (8.x) with full support for hooks.

Paul Henschel and contributors

Data Visualization Libraries for React Developers in 2019 — A quick look at four different projects.

Veronika Rovnik

react-rough: React Components for Rough.jsRough.js is a graphics library for drawing rough, ‘sketchy’ style shapes and lines.

Ademola Adegbuyi

PrimeReact 3.0: A Set of Rich UI React Components — Includes things like buttons, tooltips, lightboxes, panels, grids, numerous types of input control.. GitHub repo.


React Native Hooks: React Native APIs Turned Into React Hooks“Note: This is an experimental library. As of this time React Native does not yet support React version 16.7 out of the box.”

React Native Community

copy-text-to-cb: A Component to Copy Text to Clipboard — With an optional callback to execute after the copy.

Aman Agarwal

Code Surfer: A React Component for Scrolling, Zooming and Highlighting Code Samples

Rodrigo Pombo