#126 — February 20, 2019

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The React Lifecycle Methods in Plain, Approachable Language — I don’t think anyone could disagree that this sort of post is a good idea. If you’ve had questions on how the React lifecycle methods work — look no further.

Ohans Emmanuel

Navi: A React Router with Hooks and Suspense — A new kind of router for React that that lets you declaratively map URLs to content, even if that content is asynchronous. This is a great overview packed with examples, or you can head straight to the code..

James K Nelson

Engineers Build Business with GitPrime — Ship faster because you know more, not because you're rushing. GitPrime aggregates historical git data into easy to understand insights and reports, to help make engineering teams more successful. Debug your development with objective data. Learn more.

GitPrime sponsor

'We Migrated to Next.js to Serve Our Home Page 7.5× Faster' — Going from a basic React boilerplate to Next.js can yield key initial render time improvements, simply due to having the first part prerendered on the server instead.

Drew Powers (Manifold)

A Discussion on Rebuilding Some of MDN with ReactMDN is a hugely popular and useful resource for Web developers, and they’re considering reimplementing parts of it with React.. which provoked more discussion than you might expect(!)

MDN Web Docs

💻 React Jobs

Senior Full Stack JavaScript Developer - Atlanta, GA (Full-Time) — Join our talented team building a cloud-based platform that’s helping some of America’s largest companies track things with RFID.

Strategic Systems

Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in developer roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Tutorials

The Magic of React-Based Multi-Step Forms — One way to deal with long, complex forms is to break them up into multiple steps.

Nathan Sebhastian

How to Use Firebase Realtime Database in React — The last in a very thorough series of tutorials on building React apps on top of Firebase.

Robin Wieruch

Create Robust React Apps Using Pre-Built Components with Full Support — Download our free 30-day trial of ExtReact to gain access to 115+ components, all built to use with React applications.

SENCHA, INC. sponsor

Hooks Are Good, But Have You Tried Faster React Components? — 5 simple tips to improve the performance of a React app.

Seif Ghezala

How to Use a Custom ESLint Config in create-react-app in 3 Simple Steps

Rahul Gaba

React Suspense with GraphQL — While the docs say “in the future we plan to let Suspense handle more scenarios such as data fetching””, it’s possible to rig up something already, as seen here.

Nader Dabit

▶  Profiling React App Rendering Performance — A practical 30 minute introduction. (Note: Audio is quite quiet.)

Sergey Ryzhov

🔧 Code and Tools

Worldview: A React Library for Rendering 2D and 3D Scenes — Aimed at developers building complex spatial visualizations. The introductory post explains more.

Jacob Bandes-Storch (Cruise Automation)

How to Do Animations Simply with Hooks and React Simple Animate — This code might inspire you to take a new approach.

Bill Luo

Send Data to Any Analytics Tool Without Having to Implement a New API

Segment sponsor

Compare Image: React Component to Compare Two Images using a Slider — Could be useful for those ‘before/after’ style comparisons.

Shota Tamura

react-spotify-api: Easily Fetch Data from the Spotify API — Pull in info about artists, albums, tracks, playlists, etc. PRs and issues encouraged.

Idan Lottan

Yubaba: An Element Animation Orchestrator for React — Comes with prebuilt animations you can drop in and start using immediately.

Michael Dougall

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