#​235 — April 21, 2021

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An Introduction to Profiling React Apps — If you’re ready to get to the heart of React rendering performance, you’ll want to look at the Profiler API and this guide gets you started on the right path.

Ovie Okeh

Styled Components Best Practices for React Developers — There’s not a single “right way” to use Styled Components for styling your components, says Robin, but there are still some best practices to keep in mind.

Robin Wieruch

Webinar: Benefits and Challenges of Migrating to React Native — Learn how the engineering team at J.B. Hunt adopted React Native on their Android and iOS apps. Hear their journey firsthand - considerations and goals for migration, lessons learned - in this free webinar. Register.

Bugsnag sponsor

On Building React Support for Tailwind UI — Yes, Tailwind UI now has React and Vue support and this is the detailed, inside story on the technical underpinnings of how it came together.

Adam Wathan

Goober's 'Great Shave Off' — In the seemingly never-ending quest for making goober the smallest and lightest CSS-in-JS library, they will pay you cold hard cash if you can make it even smaller. How much? How does a buck a byte sound? Certainly a novel approach!


The GAAD Pledge and React Native's Commitment to Accessibility — Back in May 2020, Facebook was the first company to take the GAAD Pledge, a committment to place accessibility at the heart of their applications. Here’s an update on their progress with regards to React Native.

Alexandra Marlette


Enjoy Building Scalable Infrastructure in Go? Stream Is Hiring — Like coding in Go? We do too. Stream is hiring in Amsterdam. Apply now.

Find React Jobs with Hired — Take 5 minutes to build your free profile & start getting interviews for your next job. Companies on Hired are actively hiring right now.

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📘 Tutorials and Stories

Five Key Lessons React Tutorials Don't Teach — The author enumerates and explains the important concepts which he feels receive short shrift from many React tutorials.

Reed Barger

Using React Components Written in JavaScript with TypeScript Code — Given the growing popularity of TypeScript, you may want to use this strategy for incrementally incorporating it into your existing project.

Marcin Wanago

Build, Deploy, and Update Applications Fast—All on the Cloud — Join OutSystems and AWS at our Cloud Innovation Summit May 11-12 to see how you can break away from the app dev status quo.

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Implementing Instagram Photo Filters in React Native — Instagram took photo filters mainstream many years ago.. but what if you want a similar idea in your own apps?

Chukwudi Ezichi

▶  Let's Learn Snowpack with Fred Schott — If you’re getting a little weary of the less than stellar performance of bundlers like webpack, you may want to give Snowpack a try as discussed in this recent episode.

TJ VanToll and Dan Wilson

SolidJS — React Meets Svelte?SolidJS can deliver many of the performance benefits of Svelte without asking the developer to abandon the React syntax with which they’re familiar.

Alex Merced

Create an Image Modal with React and JavaScript — A concise, self-contained tutorial on adding this popular and intuitive UI feature to your app.

John Au-Yeung

🛠 Code and Tools

React Flow 9.5: Node-Oriented Applications Made Easy — We first covered this in 187 but a host of recent updates warrants taking another look at this library. (And, no, that's not 'node' as in Node.js, but node as in laying out workflows in the form of graphs.)


react-markdown: Markdown for React Powered by Remark — With the pervasiveness of Markdown for text editing, it's probably in your app somewhere. This component lets you do live previews for your users. Check out the demo.


Beta Console: Live List of 100+ Developer Tool Beta Releases

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Headless UI: Accessible UI Components for Tailwind CSS — Build components without worrying about their complex implementations while retaining the ability to style them as you see fit.

Tailwind Labs

Tabler Icons: 1250 Free MIT-licensed High-Quality SVG Icons — The icons for which you are looking really have to be in this comprehensive, free set. Finding the right one is a cinch with their search utility.


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