#226 — February 17, 2021

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ReacType 5.0: A Tool to Prototype React Apps without Writing Code — We touched on ReacType briefly in issue 198, but this major new release along with a new, well-written introduction makes this visual prototyping tool worth another look.

Linh Tran

Awesome React: Over 500 Curated React Projects and Resources — A frequently updated and in-depth collection of articles, and resources relating to the React ecosystem that seems to have been hugely cleaned up over the past year. Awesome React Components is a similar compilation for components specifically.

Nick Raienko

Master the Art of React UI — Why reinvent the wheel? Use KendoReact, a professional React UI library, as the rock-solid foundation for building your UI. Handle project requirements like the pro you are. Explore KendoReact.

Progress KendoReact sponsor

Should You Really Use useMemo? — In a natural follow up to Max Rozen’s Understanding When to Use useMemo which we featured recently, the author of this article first states a hypothosis about useMemo performance and then rigorously tests it and reports the raw data. Results that may, yet again, change your mind about the value of useMemo.

Kevin Van Ryckegem

React Bricks: Like LEGO, Except with React Components — A new, fee-based cloud service which claims a Wix-like development experience except they’re using ‘visual building blocks’ made up of React components. It has grabbed the attention of some respected names in the React community.

React Bricks

💻 Jobs

Senior Frontend Engineer (Berlin / Remote) — We're looking for a senior frontend engineer to help us take our website and web app to the next level.


Find Your Next Job Through Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


📘 Tutorials and Stories

Mastering TypeScript for React Hooks — Briefly stated, TypeScript is JavaScript with the addition of strong typing. But did you know that you can use its capabilities to type your React Hooks?

Jack Herrington

Unit Testing Your Gatsby Site with Jest and React Testing library — The detailed, generously illustrated guide to get unit testing going on your Gatsby site. While sometimes tedious to setup, the author asserts the effort to implement this type of testing is worth it.

Ibrahima Ndaw

Creating a Static React Site on S3 with /directory-style URIs — If you have felt that AWS S3 static sites were limited to simplistic HTML and CSS, here’s how you upgrade to React on the popular cloud platform.

JP Bonner

How to Build a Chat App — Quickly build chat leveraging Stream's Chat API and the Stream Chat React components. The underlying API is flexible, allowing you to build nearly any type of chat.

Stream sponsor

▶  React in 100 Seconds — In issue 224 we featured Fireship’s 13-minute introduction to React Hooks. Jeff Delaney moves the bar up another notch as he covers all of React in just 100 seconds. Seriously, if you’re an experienced dev just about to transition to React (or know one), it’s an interesting quick taster.


▶  A Short Course on Building React Sidebar Navigation with CSS Grid & Flexbox — At a little over two hours, this is a nice contrast and counterpoint to the breakneck speed of those Fireship videos. Sometimes the details just take the luxury of time to explain.

Web Steps

Replace Type Component With Subcomponents — A simple, step-by-step refactoring exercise to simplify some code.

Altrim Beqiri

Is Chakra UI the 'Only React Component Library You Need'? — We first featured Chakra UI in issue 215, but here is an independent review which describes one developer's first-hand experience and the reasons they feel it’s “truly a joy to work with from a developer perspective”.

Caelin Sutch

🛠 Code and Tools

Rerousel: A Light Infinite Carousel for React — Claims to be “the simplest and the lightest infinite carousel component package made for React.” GitHub repo.

Tomek Poniatowicz

Windups: A Typewriter Effect Library for React — View examples here. Apply the effect to strings or anything in a React child prop, with an API to control effect speed, animations, sounds, and more.

Sam Gwilym

Serverless Image Transformation & Optimization in React Application

ImageKit.io sponsor

Landy: A React Landing Page Template for Developers and Startups — Why settle for static HTML and CSS or the stuffiness of a LinkedIn profile when the Landy template can set you apart from the crowd?

Lasha Kakabadze

Bedrock: A Next.js and GraphQL Boilerplate App — “The modern full-stack Next.js & GraphQL boilerplate with user authentication, subscription payments, teams, invitations [and] emails” leaving you to focus on the unique, core value of your app. The only catch is it does cost money/is a commercial project of the creator.

Max Stoiber

Homura: A Basic RSS Reader — In issue 225 we featured the Fluent RSS reader. Here’s another entrant, which while simpler, may well be a better place to start your own RSS-related project.


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