#204 — September 2, 2020

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▶  Why I’m Using Next.js in 2020 — Lee makes the bold claim that he thinks “the future of React is actually Next.js” but attempts to break it down and explains where he sees React’s role growing server-side. 10 minutes.

Lee Robinson

Arwes: A Futuristic Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk Graphical User Interface — After a while React UI libraries begin to look a little like variations on a theme. Then one comes along which reflects a unique concept and is particulary well presented. In particular, we love the ‘future-as-visualized-in-a-1980s-movie’ feel.

Romel Pérez

📦 What React 17 Means for Developers — Let’s look at three key changes in “No New Features” React v17—gradual updates, changes to event delegation, and stack trace updates. What do they mean for the future of React as a whole? Read on to learn more.

Progress KendoReact sponsor

Build a Simple FLIP Animation in React — Are your UI animations laggy and janky? It's something to be avoided, as this tutorial on implementing FLIP animations explains.

Travis Arnold

radEventListener: A Tale of Client-Side Framework Performance — It’s seemingly rare to find such a thorough, objective, data-rich dissection of React’s performance. A ton of work has gone into this. What’s more, its conclusions might just cause you to create your apps in a different way.

Jeremy Wagner

▶  A One (Very Long) Episode Fullstack React, GraphQL, and TypeScript Course — When we first looked at what this video tutorial covers we assumed it would be the usual multi-part series of 60-90 minute episodes. We did a double take when we learned this one was just a single episode at nearly 14 hours long. There have been 100K views in just 10 days so it must be doing something right.

Ben Awad

💻 Jobs

React Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers and work on projects for Riot Games, FOX, Sony, Coinbase, and more.


Find a Job Through Vettery — Create a profile on Vettery to connect with hiring managers at startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


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📘 Tutorials and Stories

Create Your First React Native Android App — Keen to bridge your React skills over to the mobile app development space? This well organized tutorial will help you do just that. You too will then be ready to build the next Instagram killer.

Esther Vaati

An Intro to Storybook (By Its Creators) — We've mentioned Storybook a couple of times recently but it occurred to us there was still room for a tutorial to kick-off your use of the popular UI component development tool. Who better to tell that story than its creators?

Dominic Nguyen / Tom Coleman

Building Chat With React? Stream Chat Has You Covered — This tutorial shows you how to quickly build chat leveraging Stream's Chat API and the Stream Chat React components.

Stream sponsor

Using Mobx as a State Manager in React Native Applications — In the seemingly endless parade of state management solutions, here’s a compelling and well articulated case for using the ‘battle tested’ and scalable Mobx library for your next React Native application.

Fortune Ikechi

A Checklist Before You Ship Your React Native App in 2020 — Pilots and astronauts use them and you should too: a ‘pre-flight’ checklist for your React Native app. It will ensure you’ve covered off all the necessary details before launching your app into the wild blue yonder.

Gant Laborde

Full Stack Serverless: A Real-Time Chat App with GraphQL, CDK, AppSync, & React — If ‘full stack serverless’ sounds like a contradiction in terms, this will disabuse you of that notion. It explains how to use AWS’s Cloud Developent Kit and AppSync—along with React and GraphQL—to deploy a full stack app in ‘a few minutes’.

Nader Dabit

🔧 Code and Tools

Resium: React Components for CesiumJS, the Open Source 3D Mapping Library — If you’ve been craving the gorgeous 3D geospatial data presentation capabilities of Cesium, crave no more. Resium provides a set of React components which deliver Cesium’s capabilities as an integral part of your React magnum opus.

Darwin Education / Eukarya

Fresh: An Opinionated and 'Dead Simple' Forms Library — Forms are another one of those things where there is nothing much new under the sun. But maybe there shouldn’t be. So long as you’re prepared to agree with Fresh’s opinions, it’s a fast and easy way to get your forms built and shipped.

Level Up Tutorials

React Data Grids - A Complete Guide

Wijmo, by GrapeCity, Inc. sponsor

DevExtreme Reactive: Components That Deeply Integrate with Bootstrap & Material-UI — We’re still surprised at how often we bump into Bootstrap in our travels. The same can be said of Material-UI. So it’s no surprise that somebody jumped on creating some solid business components based on them. Check out the demos of the Grid, Chart and Scheduler components.

Developer Express Inc.

D-Tale: An Easy Way to View & Analyze Pandas Data Structures — When you’re bumping up against the limits of what a garden-variety spreadsheet can do, you may consider using Python's Pandas for next-level analytics. D-Tale uses a React-based UI to make analyzing the underlying data structures a snap.

Man Group

Bumbag: Build Accessible & Themeable React Applications — We’ve said it before but it bears repeating: there’s never enough time and energy devoted to making our apps more accessible. Bumbag is built on top of Reakit, the toolkit with accessibility as its main focus.