#143 — June 19, 2019

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Styled-Components v5: 'Beast Mode' CSS Styling for ComponentsStyled Components is a popular way to bring CSS and JavaScript together for styling components. Version 5 offers 50% faster server-side rendering, 20% faster client-side rendering, 19% smaller bundle size, right-to-left support and, delightfully, no breaking changes.

Evan Jacobs

⚛️ The NEW Complete Intro to React...Now, with Hooks — Much more than an intro, you’ll build a real-world app with the latest features in React including 🎣 hooks, effects, context, and portals.

Frontend Masters sponsor

React Toastify: App Notifications Made Easy — A ‘toast’ notification is a small popup style of notification that’s popular in webapps. This library brings such notifications to your own app and gives you a lot of control over how they work (you can even display another React component inside the notification). GitHub repo.

Fadi Khadra

The June 2019 React Native Project Update — How are things going with the React Native project? The project to split React Native’s modules into separate repos is going well, lots of accessibility improvements are being baked in, and the 0.60 release is “right around the corner.”

Christoph Nakazawa

React Conf 2019 Taking Place this October in Las Vegas — If you want to go to React’s main annual conference, get the date saved now. Want to propose a talk? You have until July 15.


React Mosaic 3: A React Component Tiling 'Window Manager' — Provides an API to arbitrarily organize and tile React components across a view. A long standing project that has just added touch device support. Demo here.

Kevin Verdieck

💻 Jobs

Join the Tech Team in Prague — Looking for developers who have grit and a thirst for learning while building a service that revolutionizes hospitality.

Mews Systems

Land a New Dev Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Tutorials and Stories

Building 'Micro Frontends' with React, Vue, and Single SPA — A look at how to use multiple JavaScript frameworks in a single-page application.. if you so wished.

Nader Dabit

Simplifying React State and the useState Hook — Learn more about how to manage state in React using the useState hook by building a simple dice rolling app.

James King

Deploy Your Next Server-Side React Project with a $50 New User Credit

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Using Cypress to Write Tests for a React App — A straightforward introduction to using Cypress with React. Cypress is an end-to-end testing library that makes it easy to define and run user/UI actions programmatically to test the behavior of an app.

Kingsley Silas

How to Build a Modern, Customized File Upload Interface in React with Plain CSS — A thorough walkthrough complete with all the code you need.

Christopher Tran

🔧 Code and Tools

React Hot Loader 4.11.0: Tweak React Components in Real Time

Abramov, et al.

Redux Dynamic Modules: A Way to Modularize Redux — A library to provide a way to modularize Redux reducers and middleware in large apps.


Continuous Testing and Real-Time Code Coverage for JSX and React — Catch errors in your tests and code and display them in your editor as you type, making your dev feedback loop more productive.

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React Move 6.0: Data-Driven Animations for ReactDemos here.

React Tools

React Native Typography: Native–Looking Typography for React Native

Hector Garcia

React Designer: Editable Vector Graphics in Your React Components

Fatih Erikli

airr-react: Reusable Components for Creating Single Page Apps

Rafal Rajtar