#142 — June 12, 2019

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▶  Two Days of ReactEurope 2019 VideosReactEurope took place a couple of weeks ago and now 22 talks are up on YouTube for you to enjoy, including:

React Europe

react-redux 7.1 Released: It Now Supports Hooks“After much discussion, we’ve decided these Hook things are probably going to stick around, so we might as well add some.” Ha! If you’re intrigued how to use them, there’s a guide here.


20 Patterns to Watch for in Engineering Teams — GitPrime's new book draws together some of the most common software team dynamics, observed in working with hundreds of enterprise engineering organizations. Actionable insights to help you debug your development process with data. Get your copy.

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React DevTools Now Help You Answer "Why Did This Render?" — A very new, opt-in only feature has been added to the DevTools that provides an answer to “Why did this render?” for elements in your app (answers include things like changing props, changing hooks, etc.)

Brian Vaughn on Twitter

A React, Apollo, GraphQL, Node, and Mongo Demo Written in TypeScript — A developer was commissioned to build this app for a commercial client, wasn’t paid, so he’s open sourced it. An interesting look at a fullstack app that uses React Native for Web on the front end.

Jason Werner

💻 Jobs

JavaScript / React Performance Optimization Engineer - Exodus (Remote) — Exodus are looking for an obsessive engineer to work on improving the performance of the Exodus mobile application.


Land a New Dev Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Tutorials and Stories

A Guide to Creating a Custom useFetch React Hook

Chris Nwamba

How to Write End-to-End Tests for Next.js AppsNext.js is popular React framework for PWAs and server-rendered apps.


Full Stack & React Essentials & Python Essentials: Bootcamps — Apply your skills immediately after class. Save your seat.

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▶  A Live, React Testing Workshop from React Ottawa — The recording is a little rough as it was primarily a live, in-person session but it’s always a pleasure to see something from Kent.

Kent C Dodds

Optimizing Components with React.memo, useMemo, & useCallback — A brief look at a situation where you might want to apply some gentle optimizations when components are rendering more often than they need to.

Chris Held

Tracking User Behavior with AWS Amplify and Sending Reminders — Track which features your users use in AWS Amplify and send them emails, push-notifications and SMS based on their behavior.

Jan Hesters

How to Build Your Own React-Redux Using useReducer and useContext Hooks — Get a deeper understanding of React-Redux by building your own version of it!

Chidume Nnamdi

🔧 Code and Tools

React Images 1.0: A Lightbox Component for Displaying Images

Joss Mackison

Urql 1.1: Now with Server-Side Rendering Support — Urql is a new(ish) GraphQL client for React that we featured only last week, but there’s already a new version with a heavily requested feature: server-side rendering support.


Manifold Launches Marketplace-as-a-Service

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React-Leaflet 2.4: React Components for Leaflet MapsLeaflet is a popular JavaScript library for creating interactive maps. This library brings support direct to React and has recently added React 16.8 and Flow 0.100 support.

Paul Le Cam

use-debounce: A Debounce Hook for React

Nik Mostovoy

react-resize-detector: Cross-Browser, Event-based, Element Resize Detection

Denis Rul

React DnD: Utilities to Create Drag and Drop Interfaces — A mature library that has just added hooks support in v7.6.0.

Chris Trevino