#129 — March 13, 2019

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A Complete Guide to useEffect — This epic post has got a lot of people excited this week as it’s helped them finally understand a variety of concepts relating to hooks, refs, and effects. It’s a long though one, so get a coffee ready, or just enjoy the TLDR.

Dan Abramov

Scheduling in React — When you have numerous components all wanting to do things at the same time, things can get.. sticky. Here’s a look at some of the concepts behind making it better.

Philipp Spiess

What Should Developers Consider When Planning a React Application? — Start your next React project with confidence. Learn strategies for tooling, frontend and UX, testing and performance to boost your (and your team’s) productivity. Get your free copy.

Progress KendoReact sponsor

Releasing React Native 0.59 — This is a more significant release than it sounds with 644 commits! Hooks have made their way to React Native this time, along with CLI improvements, improved performance on Android, and support for inline requires.

Ryan Turner

A Complete React Redux Tutorial for 2019 — Learn to use Redux with React, starting with plain React. Reducers, actions, thunks, fetching data - understand the jargon and how it all fits together. There are a lot of moving parts, of course, so take your time.

Dave Ceddia

💻 Jobs

Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in dev roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Tutorials

Rendering Large Lists with react-window — If you need to display large lists of data efficiently, you may be familiar with react-virtualized. react-window is a rewrite by the same author aiming at being even smaller and faster.

Addy Osmani

Form Validation Using Custom React Hooks — Build a form validation engine using custom React Hooks, from scratch, without having to learn a single form library.

James King

▶  Watch an Amateur Spin Up a React + Babel + Webpack + CSS Modules Project

Chris Coyier

A Guide to React Hooks and TypeScript — What’s involved in adding TypeScript types to React hooks and custom hooks?

Trey Huffine

Simplify Event Tracking with a Single API — Collect data once with Segment and send it to 200+ tools. Get a free developer account.

Segment sponsor

A Simple Guide to Publishing a React Component as an npm Module — And with no webpack either!

Christian Engel

Building a Swipeable List with React

Lukas Marx

Some Tips and Tricks for Gatsby UsersGatsby is a popular site generator for React.


🔧 Code and Tools

REAVIZ: A D3.js-based React Data Visualization Library — There’s a Storybook-based demo showing off the various types of visualization including bar charts, hives, pie charts, scatter plots, sparklines and more.

JASK Open Source

Ink 2.0: Like React, But For Building CLI Apps — Get a component-based UI building experience, but for CLI apps.

Vadim Demedes

React Snakke: A Reading Position Indicator — As you scroll, the ‘snake’ gets longer.

Diogo Moretti

Use Sencha’s Powerful Pre-Built Grid Component for Your React Apps

Sencha, Inc. sponsor

A Basic 38 Line Reimplementation of Redux — Built as a learning experiment. Maybe it could help you too. Dan Abramov has long had his own version of this concept too.

Deric Cain

react-beautiful-dnd 10.1: Accessible Drag and Drop for Lists — This week’s release brings better animations, improved touch support, improved docs, and a new, cute logo.