#85 — April 27, 2018

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react status

Introducing Calidation for Flexible React Form Validation“I think I’ve created something that solves all of the issues I’ve come across with form validation in React.” It’s a weighty boast but this post does a great job of demonstrating its worth.

Kristofer Selbekk

Testing Strategies for React and Redux — A look at how the Firefox Add-ons team handled testing when they rebuilt the Mozilla addons directory with React and Redux.

Mozilla Hacks

Live Tutorial 5/01: Extracting a React Component — Free online talk to see how refactoring is changing the organization of your code to stay simple in the face of changing requirements. Get recommendations for those who have had bad experiences with end-to-end testing in the past. Reserve your spot today.

BigNerdRanch sponsor

Migrating to React’s New Context API — Kent C. Dodds explains some of the changes that were necessary to upgrade his components pattern course from the old context API to the new one.

Kent C. Dodds

CSS Blocks: Fast Component-Oriented CSS Authoring — Inspired by CSS Modules, BEM and Atomic CSS, CSS Blocks provides an opinionated authoring system, build-time analysis and a custom CSS optimizer (OptiCSS). People on Twitter have been getting particularly excited about this.


Gooact: Build a 'React' in 160 Lines of JavaScript — Learn by doing with this walkthrough of creating a simple React-a-like in a modest amount of code.

Paul Marlow

📘 Tutorials

How To Create an Audio/Video Recording App with React Native: An In-Depth Tutorial — Not all developers are aware of how useful React Native actually is. Here are some tips on how to create an audio and video recording app by using Expo development tools.

Smashing Magazine

Easy State Management in React Using UnstatedUnstated uses React’s new context API to do state management as simply as possible.


Improve Team Processes by Enforcing Build Standards — 3 Practices to Adopt. New rules and standards can be difficult to adopt. CircleCI can help by automating the process.

CircleCI sponsor

Learning Higher-Order Components in React by Building a Loading Screen

Peter Piekarczyk

Setting up apollo-link-state for Multiple Stores — Set up apollo-link-state to support of multiple stores that don’t interfere with one another.

Ben Church

React Jobs

Frontend and Full Stack Software Engineers (Seattle, WA) — Textio is inventing the world's first augmented writing platform. Build human-centric UX using React, Redux, Node, CSS in JS.


React Expert? Let Your Dream Job Find You — Top developers can get 5+ interview requests during their first week on Vettery.


🔧 Code and Tools

Storybook 3.4 Released — A commonly used tool for building, testing, and documenting React components. It now supports Polymer too.

Michael Shilman

react-tabtab: A Draggable and Editable Tab-Bar System for React — Very flexible, supports React 16, is ARIA accessible.

react-circle: An SVG-Based Circular Progress Indicator — A circle, a percentage, it just works.

Hector Zarco

Move Fast and Fix React Errors With Ease ⚛️🚀

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react-goodbye: A Save Reminder Component for React Router v4 — Can prevent routing transitions before your user saves changes.

Jay Chung

Electrode: A Universal React + Node App Platform — Walmart’s React + Node platform that powers Walmart.com. We linked it a year ago but it continues to be updated very frequently.

Walmart Labs

Preact: The Fast, 3KB React Alternative with the Same API — It’s just had its first release of 2018 and now has significantly improved TypeScript definitions.

Jason Miller