#82 — April 6, 2018

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A Diagram of Modern React Lifecycle Methods

A diagram of modern React lifecycle methods by Dan Abramov - used with kind permission

A helpful diagram from core team member Dan Abramov. A lot of people on Twitter have found it useful or even been surprised to learn a few things from it.

▶  What's New in React 16.3 — We covered the release of 16.3 last week but if you fancy a 15 minute roundup of what’s new, this is superb.

Elijah Manor

Receive Bug and Crash Reports for Your React Native App — Instabug SDK automatically attaches screenshots, network logs, repro steps with every feedback, and complete native and JavaScript stack-trace with every crash report. The SDK takes just a minute to integrate. Try it out now for free.

Instabug sponsor

Introducing the 'react-testing-library' — We linked to the project itself two issues ago, but Kent has now written up why you should give his new light-weight solution for testing React components a try.

Kent C. Dodds

Re-inventing npmjs.com with React — A writeup of the work in moving the official npm repository site from a jQuery-based site to a React-based one. And if you haven’t seen it in action, check out any npm repo page for the new features.

The npm Blog

Making a Statically-Linked, Single-File Web App with React and Rust — We’re heading into ‘experimental, but neat’ territory here with creating a minimal React app that can be deployed as a statically-linked binary.

Anders Pitman

How to Build a Chat App with React and Pusher Chatkit — A pretty neat and extensive walkthrough, though it relies on a third party in-beta service.

Alex Booker

▶  Building a Slack Clone with GraphQL and React — An epic 73 video journey on YouTube if you have the time to spare.

Ben Awad

▶  Building a Realtime React App with GraphQL and AWS AppSync — AWS AppSync is a managed GraphQL service. 1 hour 3 minutes.

Nader Dabit

The History of React.js on a Timeline — The most significant milestones of its creation and development.

Andrea Papp

Strapping React.js on a WordPress Backend: WP REST API Example

Snipcart sponsor

💻 React Jobs

React Frontend Positions in Beautiful Norway — Want to build blazing fast and awesome frontends using React and GraphQL? We have positions open.

Snowball Digital

React Developer (Remote, UK-based) — Excited about building great products across iOS, Android, and the Web? Join our small remote team - we're agile, funded and growing.


React Expert? Sign Up for Vettery — Developers with 4-years experience average five or more interviews during their first week on Vettery.


📱 React Native

Persisting Sessions with React Native

Shrey Gupta

react-native-stretchy: A React Native Scrollable Stretchy Header Component

Hamid Hadi

🔧 Code and Tools

Awesome React Context: Curated Links and Resources on the New Context API

Diego Haz

React Kanban: A Trello-like App Built with React and ReduxLive demo here. It's pretty slick and a nice re-implementation of a Trello-like interface.

Markus Englund

Improve React App Performance with Flexible Droplets — Choose between 1-3vCPUs and 1-3GB RAM with 60 GB SSD for only $15/month. Monitoring and alerts included.

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23 React UI Component Libraries and Frameworks

Jonathan Saring

react-smooth-dnd: React Wrapper Components for Smooth Drag and Drop — There’s a demo here.

Kutlu Sahin