#80 — March 23, 2018

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react-testing-library: Simple React DOM Testing Utilities — Tired of Enzyme? Try this lightweight but complete solution for testing React components in a way that encourages better testing practices.

Kent C. Dodds

React Data Fetching: Declarative Data Fetching — An intuitive way to perform REST API calls through a React component. Works with React Native too.

Charles Mangwa

Developing with the Modern App Stack: MEAN and MERN (with Angular2 and ReactJS) — This video examines the technologies that are driving the development of modern web and mobile apps.

mongodb sponsor

▶  10 Tips for Using React and Redux at Scale — A 29 minute talk with insights and tips coming from 2 years of using React and Redux in a team of 20 developers.

Baptiste Manson

Building a GitHub Client with React Apollo — A walkthrough of building an app to interact with GitHub’s awesome GraphQL API.

GraphQL College

Common Anti-Patterns and Gotchas in React — Covers five common problems with an example and resolution for each.

Arfat Salman

Building 'InputAccessoryView' for React Native — Starting with iOS, React Native will be exposing an API for accessing the native input accessory view (a custom view that can appear above the keyboard in certain contexts).

Peter Argany

🎬 Videos, Screencasts and Talks

Add ESLint and Prettier to VS Code for 'Create React App' Apps

Elijah Manor

Another Look at React's All New Context API

Harry Wolff

Things Learnt After 2 Years of Using React Native — A 40 minute talk on why React Native was chosen over Swift, and its eventual upsides and downsides.

Artsy Engineering

💻 React Jobs

Senior Software Engineer, Full Stack — We believe in shipping daily and building a product that users love. Develop with React, Node.js or similar technologies.


Sr. Fullstack Engineer (Remote) — Sticker Mule is looking for passionate developers to join our remote team. Come help us become the Internet’s best place to shop and work.

Sticker Mule

📘 Tutorials

An Intro to MobX 4 for React/Redux Developers

Shawn Wang

▶  How to Parse Query Strings with React Router

Tyler McGinnis

Building React Apps with Parcel — The author thinks it could even be easier than create-react-app.

Thibaud Ducasse

How a Seemingly Simple Logging Problem Turned into a Bear Trap

CircleCI sponsor

Implementing Contextual Components in React

David Tang

Hooking Up Firebase to Your Redux Store

Josh Carlson

🔧 Code and Tools

React Velocity: Visualize, then Export, a Component Hierarchy — A tool to visualize a component hierarchy before exporting the requisite boilerplate code.

Justin Yip

Comparing Top Animation Libraries for Use in React Apps

Dennis Gaebel

React Error Boundaries Let You Recover Gracefully

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RecyclerListView: A High Performance ListView — For both React Native and the web, and created by Flipkart.


nokia-snek: Nokia's Snake Game Built with React/ReduxPlay it here.

Morgan Plant