#​378 — March 20, 2024

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React Status

React Data Grid: A Fast Excel-Style Data Grid Component — A fantastic live demo that shows off all of this component’s unique features, from grouping rows and columns to handling a million cells without slowdowns. Works with React 18+. GitHub repo.


MistCSS: Write React Components Using Only CSS — CSS-in-JS is old news.. what about JS-from-CSS? This new approach provides a way to compile CSS-only components into TypeScript for use with React – it’s early days, but an intriguing idea, at least. (Basic example.)


Building a React Login Page Template — This guide shows how to build a React login page and integrate it with an Express auth server using JWTs. It introduces Clerk as an easier option with pre-made UI components for authentication setup.

Clerk sponsor

Looking Into the Type System of the React Compiler — If you’re not merely content to wait to see what the React Compiler will bring, but want to dig into the details under the hood, Sathya is here for you.

Sathya Gunasekaran (Meta)

Building a Full-Stack React App with Azure Static Web Apps and Managed FunctionsAzure Static Web Apps coupled with Azure Functions (Azure's serverless platform) can get you all the way to a full-stack React app without having to worry about managing infrastructure.

Thomas Gauvin (Microsoft)


  • React Flow v12 (a library for building node-based UIs) is expected to land in the next week or two, but seems ready to use now if you need it.

  • A few weeks ago we featured Million Lint, a new React-focused performance linter – it's still in beta, but now has a fantastic new homepage showing off what it can do.

Creating an Interactive 3D 'Bulging Text' Effect with React Three Fiber — At the risk of seeming a little gimmicky, this is certainly a feature that would make your page stand out.. almost literally!

Roman Jean-Elie

How to Create Interactive Animations Using React Spring
Yemi Ojedapo

▶  State Managers Are Making Your React Code Worse
Kyle Cook

Why Facebook Doesn’t Use Git
Greg Foster

🛠  Code, Tools & Libraries

React Content Loader 7.0: Loading Content Placeholders — A way to easily create animated ‘skeleton’ components, giving a wireframe of what’s going to appear once everything has loaded.

Danilo Woznica

react-json-view-lite: Render JSON as a Tree — A lightweight component for visualizing JSON in a way that retains its basic formatting and JSON-ness but that lets you collapse or expand arrays and objects and see the structure more easily. Storybook demos.

Andrei Alikov

📊 Spectacle: Build Presentations with React and JSX — A React.js based library for creating sleek presentations using JSX syntax.. animations, slide-ins, grids, columns, it’s all there! The homepage has a demo showing it off. GitHub repo.

Formidable Labs

📰 Classifieds

😌 We love Prisma at Neon, so we spent the last month making the experience of Prisma + Neon Postgres even smoother than it already was.

✨ “Perfect resolution, excellent audio, no lag”. Try Tuple for free today, no credit card required.

TanStack Virtual 3.2: Headless UI for Virtualizing Large Element Lists — Supporting TypeScript, JavaScript, React, Solid, Svelte and Vue, this provides a general way to build smooth 60fps experiences for large numbers of elements while retaining control over markup and styles. Not just for grids, it can tackle vertical and horizontal lists generally too.

Tanner Linsley