#​359 — October 25, 2023

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React Status

🐦/𝕏 'use server' / Server Actions Now in React Canary — No blog post – just a Twitter/X thread – but the React team has announced Server Actions (and Client Actions) are available in the latest React Canary release. Providing a way to run functions created alongside your components on the server-side, they’re now ready for adoption by libraries and frameworks, with the team seeking feedback before they arrive in a stable release. There’s also some basic docs.

React Team on X / Twitter

The 9 Best Recommendations in the New React Docs — The latest React docs include all sorts of recommendations on how to best write React code and Josh picks out several of his favorites covering areas like data fetching, extracting shared code into functions, and where to define components.

Josh Justice

Serverless, AI & ML, Backend, DevOps All on One Platform — Catalyst by Zoho is the simplest pro-code development platform that can meet all of your custom development needs. Build ML pipelines, create AI-powered chatbots, migrate legacy applications, and so much more. Sign up for a free trial now!

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React Magic Motion: Automagical Animation for Components — Built on top of Framer Motion so you get all of its features, but with opinionated, default transitions for child components. Less effort on your part and Just Works™. GitHub repo.

Etesam Ansari


🔁  The Tao of React: Design, Architecture & Best Practices — A classic post on the topic of ‘best practices’ that’s so perennially popular in the React world. This was our most visited link in 2021, but is 🐦 still recommended by the author if you’re looking for some common sense practices to apply.

Alex Kondov

Adding Screen Capture Functionality to a React Native App — Explore how and why you might use the react-native-view-shot library to implement screen capture in a React Native app.

Nitish Sharma

Accelerate Development by Deploying Your App to Strapi Cloud🚀 — Use code REACTSTATUS to get 30% off your first 3 months before November 10th, 2023. Start your free trial today.

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Web Animation for Your React App: Framer Motion vs GSAP — A comparison of two different animation approaches, namely Framer Motion and GSAP, with the benefits, drawbacks, differences, and setup of each.

Amoo and Fernandez (Semaphore)

How Our (React-Based) Browser Extension Became Lightning Fast — Brief case study covering simple tactics used to improve performance.
Casca Space

🛠 Code and Tools

Storybook 7.5: The Popular UI Component Workshop — It’s no longer React exclusive, but Storybook gains plenty of React oriented improvements including much faster startup times for React TypeScript projects, improved Next.js support, as well as Vite 5 support.

Michael Shilman

📖 I enjoyed reading about Storybook's early history – a post I hadn't seen at the time. It's amazing how it has progressed from being a project that was, at one time, abandoned.

MDX 3: Use JSX in Your Markdown Content — Despite the major version number, it’s a relatively small release in terms of features, though you can now use ES2024 syntax as well as await, where supported by your underlying framework. There’s a v2 to v3 migration guide.

Titus Wormer

Headless Hashnode: A Headless Blogging Approach for Developers — Hashnode is a popular blogging platform for developers and it now has a headless mode so you can use Hashnode’s platform for writing your posts but then render them out for yourself. A Next.js ‘starter kit’ is offered to get you up and running quickly.


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