#​357 — October 4, 2023

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✍️ Due to attending the AI Engineer Summit, there will be no React Status next week. We'll be back on Wednesday, October 18 - see you then! :-)
Peter Cooper, your editor

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React Status

Tailwind Next.js Starter Blog 2.0: A Starter Template for a Next.js Blog — This has been around a few years and has continued to be frequently updated and now uses the modern Next app directory approach along with server components – there’s a full explanation of the updates here. Is there a live demo? Yes. The post we just linked to is hosted on an instance running this blog template ;-)

Timothy Lin

Next.js 13 vs Remix: A Case Study — No mere lightweight list of feature bullet points, but an extended dive into the similarities and differences between two worthwhile approaches.

Prateek Surana

Optimizing the Use of Emotion in React — Learn how to optimize your use of Emotion in React applications. Understand the tradeoffs and potential drawbacks of using Emotion, and discover strategies to improve performance.

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The Uphill Battle of Memoization — Two years ago, Dan Abramov wrote about things to do before you use memo() or usememo but Dominik goes a step further into exploring why memo shouldn’t be your very first choice for performance optimizations.

Dominik Dorfmeister


Test Your React Libraries Locally with YalcYalc simplifies the process of working with and ‘publishing’ packages entirely locally so you can try things out without publishing to a remote, and potentially public, registry.

Andrew Israel (PropelAuth Blog)

Exploring React Server Components and Actions with Next.js
Hafsa Hayath

That’s Some Funky Stuff—Who’s Going to Work on That? — Solving strange, complex problems in legacy codebases is our specialty. Let’s make things more maintainable.

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Using GitHub Actions to Automate a React Native Workflow
Youssouf El Azizi

🛠 Code and Tools

react-markdown: A Component to Render Markdown Documents — A long standing, extensible, and safe way to render Markdown that uses its own virtual DOM. Now requires React 18. GitHub repo.

Espen Hovlandsdal

Craft.js 0.2: A React Framework for Building Drag and Drop Page Editors — It’s a bold move to make the landing page for your project be a text editor itself, but we like it. GitHub repo.

Prev Wong

📰 Classifieds

💻 Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.

🎟️ CityJS Berlin - 1-3 November. Hear Atila Fassina explain the React Rendering Patterns - use COMMUNITY discount code.

nice-modal-react: eBay's Way to Manage Modals in React — A zero dependency way to manage modals in an idiomatically React way. You can play with some demos here.


ReactToPrint: Making React Components Printable — Provides a mechanism to let users print (yes, printing – though printing to PDF is also a thing) the contents of a component by popping up a new window and copying the styling across. There’s a live CodeSandbox demo.

Greg NB and Matthew Herbst

React Native BLE PLX 3.0: Low Energy Bluetooth Library — ‘Bluetooth Low Energy’ is a technology used heavily in the wearable health and fitness peripheral space. This library opens up React Native integration with such devices (but, notably, not classic Bluetooth devices).


Neobrutalism: A React Component Collection — We’re not sure so-called ne(o|u)brutalism is necessarily here to stay, but this component library is aligned with the trend which you’ll probably have seen here and there. GitHub repo.

Samuel Breznjak