#​355 — September 20, 2023

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React Status

v0: 'An AI Tool That's Effectively Midjourney for React' — An interesting experiment from Vercel where you can submit prompts like “a pricing page for a SaaS” or “a contact form” and it returns copy-and-paste friendly shadcn/ui + Tailwind CSS code for React apps. It’s in “private alpha” behind a waitlist for now, but you can still take a good look around around other people’s creations and see how it works.

Vercel Labs

Vercel's CEO Guillermo Rauch 🐦 shared some info on the stack behind v0, noting that it's a full Vercel-powered stack end-to-end.

Headless CMS with AI Capabilities, That’s Kontent.ai — What if editors used AI to create the best content and developers fully focused on what they love - the code? Use CLI for maintenance tasks, generate TS types from content to avoid runtime bugs, leverage TypeScript SDKs. That's Kontent.ai. Wanna try?

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Next.js 13.5 Released — A less feature packed release for the popular React framework than usual, but if you’re already a user you’ll benefit from much faster HRM (Fast Refresh) and local server startup, as well as 40% lower memory usage. The Turbopack integration has also been improved.

Lai, Neutkens, and Koppers (Vercel)


▶  Building a Next.js 13 Dashboard with Auth using AWS — With AWS Appsync and Amplify Studio doing a lot of the heavy lifting.

Program with Erik

[Join Us Live Today] Frontend Performance Monitoring 101 — Learn the basics of React application performance monitoring to see (and fix) issues faster. Join us today for a live AMA.

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How to Create Multilingual React Apps with react-i18next
L Javier Tovar

Creating a Text Typing Effect with React
Julien Thibeaut

🛠 Code and Tools

Mantine 7.0: The Popular React Component Library — A big release for what is now one of the most popular React component libraries. As of v7, Mantine no longer relies on Emotion and components come with native CSS files, all components now support the system-set color scheme, CSS modules are now the default way to style components, and there are many smaller enhancements too.

Mantine Team

Prismane 1.0: And Another Suite of 100+ Components — The number of high quality choices when it comes to picking a suite of components continues to increase. Prismane offers over 100 components, hundreds of themes, and a variety of custom hooks. Prismane tries to sell itself on its intro page, though its advantages are now shared by numerous such suites, including Mantine (above).

Prismane Team

use-debounce 9.0: A Debounce Hook for ReactThis CodeSandbox lets you play with the basic idea.

Nikita Mostovoy

📰 Classifieds

Frontend Developer 🚀 (Remote, Work from Anywhere 🏖️) — Enjoy TypeScript, React, GraphQL and performance? Join in building our super-fast headless commerce service with a beautiful UI.

💻 Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.

📅 CodeWord Conf 2023 is a free, virtual event taking place tomorrow (September 21) focused on how developers interact with content in their code. Speakers include Cassidy Williams and Chris Coyier.

React Mosaic 6.1: A React Component Tiling 'Window Manager' — Provides an API to organize and tile React components across a view. Demo here.

Kevin Verdieck

use-local-storage-state: Like useState() But for Local Storage — A hook that persists data in localStorage while having an API similar to useState().

Antonio Stoilkov

🎵 A little musical fun..

Arturia: A React-Powered Recreation of a MIDI Controller — A recreation of an Arturia MiniLab 3 MIDI controller, all in the browser, using React and Tailwind CSS. You can click to control almost everything (try changing the instrument patch) or use the keyboard shortcuts that are listed at the bottom (makes it much easier to play some tunes!) A great effort that's a lot of fun too. GitHub repo.

Guilherme Coelho