#​353 — September 6, 2023

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👋 If you didn't receive any issues recently, we were on vacation.. but we're back! It's been a quiet summer for the React world, though, so catching up won't be too tricky – let's get moving.. 😉
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React Status

A Wide View of Automated Testing in React Apps — A straightforward and to the point introduction as to why you might use automated testing, how to get going in the scope of a React app, and what to be testing. While this is the newest page in the handbook, the rest of the handbook is well worth a look, too.

The React Handbook

Astro 3.0 Released — Astro isn’t a ‘React framework’ like Next.js, but more a turbo charged static site generator with some dynamic and interactive chops by way of ‘islands.’ You can use numerous libraries with it but, admittedly, React is probably the most popular. v3 implements the View Transitions API (more on that here), making transitions possible without being an SPA, and also includes improvements to Image Optimization, Fast Refresh JSX and more.

Astro Team

The Astro team has also announced Vercel is Astro's new official hosting partner.

Decoupled Applications and Composable Web Architectures — Get your hands on the latest O'Reilly report on frontend composability, serverless backend implementations and modular design principles. This trending report is free courtesy of Storyblok, the CMS that helps developers build faster.

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Why React Re-Renders and When to Worry About It — Beyond the topic itself, this is an interesting way to present information - basically a cross between a presentation and a comic.


👀 The Next.js docs have added a page on migrating from Vite to Next.js.

❓ On his new Pro Next.js blog, Jack Herrington is posting frequently, tackling questions like Should I Use Server Actions or APIs?, Should I Use Inheritance in React? and Should I Use React-Query or useEffect/fetch?

📱 Jamie Birch attempts to tie together the various goings-ons in the React Native space to figure out the things to look forward to in React Native.

📺 A look at what happened when NBC Universal's Peacock streaming app switched from React Native to a purely native app earlier this year and why the switch was made.

🎨 "The CSS-in-JS sector has plateaued," according to the results of the latest State of CSS survey.

The Underlying Mechanisms of React’s Concurrent Mode
Andrei Gătej

Create a Hand-Drawing Component with React Native Skia
Gage Vander Clay

▶  Why I Stopped Using Next.js and Chose Astro Instead
James Q Quick

▶  tRPC + Next.js App Router = Simple Typesafe APIs
Jack Herrington

🛠 Code and Tools

Plate: Roll Your Own Rich Text Editor — A framework for building React and Slate-based rich text editors lets you select the specific features and functionality you need. GitHub repo.

Ziad Beyens

React Email: Build and Send Emails Using React and TypeScript — High-quality components for creating good looking emails using React and TypeScript while taking care of some email client inconsistencies. There's a comprehensive tutorial to get you started. GitHub repo.

Bu Kinoshita and Zeno Rocha

Frontend Performance Monitoring 101 — Learn the basics of React application performance monitoring to see (and fix) slow faster. Join us for a live AMA.

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gltfjsx: Turn glTF 3D Models into JSX Components — glT.. what now? glTF is a standard format for storing 3D scenes and models and this tool can help you bring them into your react-three-fiber powered apps.


💡 If you'd prefer a full tutorial, Thomas Derflinger has one here.

React Currency Input Field Component — A component that aims to capture the nuances of currency input, if a freeform approach doesn’t cut it for you. Try it out with the live demo.

Chun Chan

📰 Classifieds

💻 Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.

📅 React Brussels is a React conference taking place in the heart of Europe (or online, if you prefer) on October 13. There's a fantastic array of speakers and tickets are available now.

🎉 Our sister newsletter, Node Weekly has just celebrated its 500th issue. Check it out if Node.js is part of your stack.

Classifieds is a way to share projects, services, events, or jobs you may find useful, replacing our job listings section.

CopilotKit: 'Copilot' Features for any React App — Provides a drop-in textarea replacement that has GitHub Copilot-style LLM-based autocompletion features (powered by OpenAI and/or Vercel AI, for now).


Tabler Icons: Over 4500 4650 Vector Icons for the Web — MIT-licensed icons you can use by either copying the SVG or using @tabler/icons-react to take them direct into a React app. I’ve been using this recently - it’s good.