#​351 — August 9, 2023

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Things You Forgot (or Never Knew) Because of React“I’ve written before about how React is the new default frontend framework, and how I don’t think most people using React on a regular basis realize quite how much it’s fallen behind.” High level thoughts about the React ‘bubble’ and some reasons to look beyond it, if you so choose.

Josh Collinsworth

Coding the Stars: An Interactive Constellation with React Three Fiber — The Supabase team built a Web-based visualization in the form of an animated sky filled with stars, where each star represented a user signup. If you’ve never experimented with React Three Fiber or creating visual effects before, this is a good introduction walking through the key parts of their approach.

Francesco Sansalvadore (Supabase)

Bring Your Team from 1 Deploy a Week to 100 Deploys a Day — Curious how companies like Atlassian, Google, and Netflix manage to deploy so frequently? What strategies do they use to achieve such high efficiency? This guide has helpful tips and tricks on how these companies scaled their deployments.

Sleuth sponsor

▶  A Look at HTMX: A 'Game-Changing' Alternative to React? — One of Jack’s typically well produced, short tours (just 14 minutes). He likes htmx and thinks it’s worth learning, even as a React developer, in order to have more tools in your toolbox.

Jack Herrington

Building a Design System with React Web Components — What if you could build a universal Design system with React and use it in any web application or framework? Here’s how.

Jasper and Sjoerd (De Voorhoede)


Partially Controlled Components: A Declarative Design Pattern — Conventional thinking considers React components as either controlled or uncontrolled, but James makes the case that it’s not actually that black-and-white: there are also partially controlled components.

James Kerr

React Authentication — Without Complexity — Userfront streamlines authentication & access control so engineers can focus on their core business. Read the docs now.

Userfront sponsor

▶  Build and Deploy a Full Stack MERN Next.js 13 Threads Clone — An extensive, five hour screencast walking through the creation of a Threads/Twitter/X-style app using Next.js 13 and Clerk for user management.

Adrian Hajdin

Adding React Native to a Complex App — A four part series taking a high level view.

Alan Slater (NearForm)

Using RxDB as a Database for React Apps — It's a reactive offline-first database specifically for JavaScript apps.

RxDB Project

🛠 Code and Tools

Graphic Walker: An Embeddable, Open-Source Tableau Alternative — A Tableau-esque data exploration and visualization tool (that you can even use online here) that you can optionally embed as a component into your own app. GitHub repo.


FixedDataTable 2: A Fast, Flexible Lazily Rendered Table Component — A React table component with standard table features (but no fetching or sorting – that’s on you). A continuation of Facebook's long archived fixed-data-table.

Schrodinger, Inc.

Top React Testing Libraries in 2023: A Roundup
Dianne Pena (Sitepoint)

📰 Classifieds

💻 Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.

“In the beginning there was stdout….” Stop sampling, get Axiom — logging and tracing re-invented.

Emerge is looking for a Senior Software Engineer (Frontend Lead). Come lead Emerge's web platform, used by teams like DoorDash, Square, Dropbox & Airbnb (our stack: Next.js, React, TS, Vercel).

Classifieds is a way to share projects, services, events, or jobs you may find useful, replacing our job listings section.

React Three Map: A Way to Bring 3D Objects Into 2D Maps — A bridge between React Three Fiber with react-map-gl that can result in intriguing results like in this live demo.


Frolic React: A Component Library to Build Analytics Dashboards — Built on top of Tailwind CSS and Recharts, these components plug into the open source Rust-powered Frolic backend for creating customer facing dashboards.