#​344 — June 21, 2023

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Panda CSS: Modern, Build-Time, Type-Safe CSS-in-JS — Best known for the Chakra UI component library, Segun Adebayo is back with a new DX-focused CSS-in-JS approach boasting build-time generated styles and type safety out of the box. It works with Remix, Vite, Next.js, Astro, and even server components.

Segun Adebayo

Introducing Codux: A Visual Editor for React Developers — This may be a sponsored post over at Smashing Magazine, but it does a better job of presenting Wix’s Codux visual-based React IDE than their own launch post did back in December when we featured it.

Geoff Graham (Smashing Magazine)

Enterprise UI Development: Testing & Code Quality — Managing or migrating large apps and codebases? This video course covers what you need to know to scale efficiently whilst maintaining code quality. Covers unit testing, CI pipelines, mocking, code coverage, and more.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Using useMutation to Make an Advanced ToggleAdvanced in this case means a typical on/off toggle control but with features like making external requests, showing loading spinners, and optimistic updating.

Andrew Israel

Hyper Fetch 5.0: The Fetching Framework — All the logic necessary for performing requests, caching, queuing, providing offline support and enabling persistence for queued requests and caches. v5.0 has many new features, rounded up here, along with adapters for Firebase, Axios and GraphQL.

Pyrc and Skawina


  • ❤️ In this year's Stack Overflow developer survey results, React came second in the list of most popular Web frameworks and is the most broadly 'admired and desired' Web technology.

  • If you're a new React developer and unsure of your skills when applying for your first React position, Sebastien Castiel has some words of encouragement for you on what you do and don't need to know.

  • 🤖 Vercel continues to innovate by offering a new Vercel AI SDK for streaming responses from popular AI/LLM services, and they've also unveiled an AI accelerator program, a program for AI builders and startups to apply for up to $850k in value of AI-related credits and resources.

  • ❓ The folks behind the popular State of JS and State of CSS surveys are working on a State of React survey. You can preview it here, if you're intrigued, but your answers won't count for now.

  • A little birdie tells us React Native 0.72 is likely to be released later today, so if that interests you, keep an eye on their blog.

Building the Foundation of a Full-Stack App with Nest, Next.js and tRPC — Discover how to create a fully type-safe pnpm monorepo using NestJS, a powerful Node.js backend framework, and Next.js. This covers the integration of tRPC as the API layer, providing end-to-end type-safety for full-stack TypeScript apps.

Tom Ray

💡 As it happens, NestJS 10 was just released.

SwiftUI Stole the Best Parts of React (And My Heart) — After years of building React apps, Liam has had his head turned by Apple in a big way.

Liam Lindner

▶  A React Testing Crash Course for Next.js Apps — It’s three hours long, but Anson focuses on the essentials and walks through everything step by step.

Anson the Developer

▶  React Server Components in Under Seven Minutes — Looking to quickly get a basic handle on RSCs? This fast-paced video tries to bootstrap you on the subject.


Creating a 'Tilt' Effect with Tailwind CSS — React and Tailwind come together to give the effect of an element ‘tilting’ on hover by using CSS’s rotation functions.

Julien Thibeaut

Keeping Apollo Cache Up-to-Date After Mutations
Grzegorz Rozdzialik

🛠 Code and Tools

React Wrap Balancer 1.0: A Component for Better Title Displays — A simple component that improves the rendering of titles in your app by avoiding single overhanging words. v1.0 is a key milestone release that lets the component now use the native CSS text-wrap: balance property when supported.

Shu Ding

Recharts 2.7: Chart Library Built with React and D3 — Easy to deploy with declarative components, and native SVG support. Line, bar, scatter, composed, pie, and radar charts are offered. There are many examples, complete with code. GitHub repo.


React Authentication — Without Complexity — Userfront streamlines authentication & access control so engineers can focus on their core business. Read the docs now.

Userfront sponsor

 react-chessboard: Yes, A Chess Board Component — Looking for a graphical front-end for your chess-playing AI chatbot? This is the one used by ChessOpenings.

Ryan Gregory

ReactJS Cron: A Component to Edit Cron Schedules — Built with Ant Design, this lets you work with cron-style schedules using drop down select boxes. Demo here.

Xavier Rutayisire


Find React Jobs with Hired — Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.